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The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode · 7 months ago

102. Using Suggestion to Sell Decisions & Good Feelings w/ Paul Ross


You may think you’re selling products or services, but you aren’t. You’re actually selling decisions — and good feelings about decisions.


In this episode, I interview Master Hypnotist Paul Ross, CEO and Head Trainer at Subtle Words That Sell, about how to master selling using the power of language.


Paul shared about:


- How to imply a mutual relationship in your first sentence


- Being crafty and sincere at the same time


- The power of counterexamples in helping reframe a situation


- 3 things that neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) does


Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Paul’s book: Subtle Words That Sell


- Paul will teach you to destroy your prospect’s objections


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