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102. Using Suggestion to Sell Decisions & Good Feelings w/ Paul Ross


You may think you’re selling products or services, but you aren’t. You’re actually selling decisions — and good feelings about decisions.


In this episode, I interview Master Hypnotist Paul Ross, CEO and Head Trainer at Subtle Words That Sell, about how to master selling using the power of language.


Paul shared about:


- How to imply a mutual relationship in your first sentence


- Being crafty and sincere at the same time


- The power of counterexamples in helping reframe a situation


- 3 things that neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) does


Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Paul’s book: Subtle Words That Sell


- Paul will teach you to destroy your prospect’s objections


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You're never sewing a product orservice you're, always selling decisions and good feelings aboutdecisions, and that takes place largely on the unconscious level. The single most important thing you cando today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers,learn how sales marketing and customer success experts create internalalignment, achieve desired outcomes and exceed customer expectations in apersonal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here'syour host ethen beaute today on the podcast we're talkingabout talking, but talking more effectively, subconscious sales,overcoming objections, the power of language. In addition to being anauthor speaker and trainer, our guest is a master hypnotist and a masterpractitioner of neura linguistic programming. He CEO and head trainer atsubtle words that sell helping sales teams, abandon the same warnout, sale,scripts assumed closheas and other stale techniques that often insultpeople's intelligence, so Paul Ross. Welcome to the customer experiencepodcast, thank you and, as your audience is listening to me, speaktoday, I just want to say I don't know what points they might stop and findthemselves growing more and more fascinated about what we're sharingtogether, but as sit's taking place. I just feel so honored to be here and tobe observice to everyone, who's. Listening to me right now, that is verythoughtful introduction, and I guess I wonder before we get into it is- is anypart of your of your teaching and training? Does any even advocate forsomething like that for what I just said: Yeah Yeah, like asince you welcome an puestion of gratitude. Well it what yes, it doesand I'd layer everything I do. Almost everything I do is layered withhypnotic suggestion. There are a lot of suggestions, layered into that. If youwere one of my trained students or hypnotist, you would have picked up onwhat I said and I use some clever words. I said we sharen't together. I said Idon't know as we're sharing this together. Now we sharn together what Icall implied relationship word. They imply on the unconscious orsubconscious level. You can use those terms intochangeably. They imply arelationship of trust and even leadership where there's a leader,there must be, by implication, a what start to the letter. F follower. Now Ididn't say that I didn't say I'm going to be leading you today, you're goingto listen to what I say, you're going to follow me and be very suggestible,but those three words we share in together. We implies its we're on thesame side of the table share. Do we share things with people who we don'treally trust the deep things? No, not things that matter, and together indeedimplies that were on the journey together. So I think these are reallyimportant tools to apply any where in the sales process anywhere indeverywhere, I even impli them. I want to create that sense of trust andreport right in the beginning, through the use of my language. Well done, IAtleik I, even though I didn't follow it at that level. I just got a sense oflike of gratitude and and service was a word that really stuck out to me and aswell as a call to the listener, but I obviously didn't pick up on that levelof detail that O om glad. I have toe supposed to it's supposed to go inunconsciously, because you had that response. thit tells me that it workedon the conscious level. You can't catch it unless you're very well trainedawesome, so we will be getting into some of that, but before we do we'regoing to start where I start with everybody from a wide variety ofdisciplines and I believe you're the first hypnotist on the show so so tha. There are number of thingsunique about you as there are of every guest. But one thing in common is thateveryone kind of shares, thoughts or...

...characteristics or definition ofcustomer experience. When I say that to you Paul what does it mean? Well as far as serving my customers, Idon't think of them as customers. First and foremost, I think of them as mystudents, whether they're aware of that ore, not because there's a differentrelationship. When I someone is my student, I have a higher level ofresponsibility. I have a PRODUC, your a duty to them as my student to be thebest possible teacher that I can be now when you're I used to do insuranceclaims out of college. It was one of the most difficult challenging jobs.You can imagine, because I used to tell people their car wasnut covered. Otherhouse wasn't covered and my job was the first and formo sell myself on the ideathat not to take it personally, Thatt's not about me and the second one was toconvey that I'm there not to make them wrong or make me Wrigt, but to beofservice to them. I didn't have the tools I have at the time. So, for me,it's about leadership, that's created throughservice and suggestion customer experience, good customer experiencesabout leadership and service, that's created through thepower of suggestion and sincerely wanted to have ony to help if Yourestaff or you does notserely- want sincerely want to help and or they takethings personally, I don't care how tectically good your script is, or howgood your training is you're, leaving out the most essential elements. A. Iadd one more thing, please, no matter what your company orcorporation ore, you individually, a so enpreneur, thinks you're selling you'renot you're, never sewing a product of service, you're, always sellingdecisions and good feelings about decisions, and that takes place largelyon the unconscious level. So remember, in addition to being in service to yourcustomer you're, also in service of a good decisions, that's really really important to get,and you can't do that unless you first are in control of your state and knownot to take it personally so much good stuff there. I want tounpack a little bit of it first. I really appreciate your call forsincerity. I completely agree. You know what we do with bombomb is: Make Iteasy to record and send video messages, and one of my cautions and peoplegenerally take it as a joke, even though it's it is offered is such, butit's also real. It's like one of the best things you can do if you'resincere about your message and your relationship with the other person orthe product, the service. The decision is new language for me, videois one ofthe best things you can do, because it's so much more rich and you canconvey it in a way that people will feel they'll feel that sincerity in away that they won't through your plane, type dout text, and the caution, ofcourse, is if you're, insincere and transactionally minded you don'tactually care that Er do video, because people can desense that discrepancybroin the to another, really good thing that you did there is is again layer in this decision thing.I actually think there's so much about custom. I think some of the languagethat we're using today around customer experience really is about peeling offthat product or service, which most people say. There's too muchcompetition in product parody, Etceta, not to recognize that most businessesare in a trajectory toward commodification. Exactly experience iswhat is the differentiater and, I think, exactly heal off the product or serviceand get to this decision and having people feel good about their decisions.Their decision to engage with you their decision to commit to you theirdecision to take the meeting to take the empointment to reply to the emailto type in the credit card nerer, whatever the case. Maybe it's reallygood. Now, I'm going to say something very controversial and very. How can Iput this counter? INTOITITE, I cen to be a disruptor, so I'm going to be alittle disruptor here being in service of great and what I want to add intothat not but and suggestion along with service, if you're simplyobservus, that's great, but don't...

...assume that your client or customerknows how to make a good decision because we're living yes we're livingin a time when products and services are commodisized, you're, absolutelyright. But it's equally true that there's market saturation and it's equally true that people don'thave the focus that they used to have and they don't trust their owndecisions anymore for good reasons. So I would say that, yes, being sincere,is great, but you can be crafty in the service of being sincere, so beingcrafty being able to structure your message to reach into the unconsciouslevel and being sincere, they may appear to be an opposition, but theyactually work together. I invite anyone watching this to put their thumb andforefinger together. They work in opposition to yet in cooperation witheach other. That's what's enabled us to rise above every other species and bethe dominant species on the planet. So what I teach seems to be paradoxical,but what ill offer to people is in paradox: There's power: When you see apower, a paradox: It means the Old Paradigm is shattering or falling awayand there's time for a new paradise and that's when I'm as crazy as bat bleep.I won't curse on your show. Crazy is that appears to be I'm saying, that'spossible. You can be both crafty and sincere at the same time, even thoughthey appear to be contradictory they're, not so, let's get into that a littlebit because one of the areas I wanted to go into, and it's not that I holdthis position, but I'm asking kind of out of a Gen, genuine curiosity and onbehalf of people. That might be wondering such a thing. You know whenthey hear hypnotism when they hear subconscious sales. You know I reallylove the you already address this and I like the use of the apposablethumb by the way. If you are listening to this and not watching, you canalways go to Bombomcom podcast, we do short writeups on all of these episodes.We pull some video clips from because we recorded with zoom, so I droppedsome video clips in there. Some highlights of the show and, of course,links to some of the stuff that we talk about so yo can always find that stuffat Bobob, nacom, plush, podcast, so I'll, be sure to include that Clip Paulso that people can follow. Along with with the point you were making aboutabout the two working together and it again, it was somewhere. I wanted to golike this, this line between persuasion and coercion right. I think I think,what some people, depending on maybe the time of day, they're listening orsomething that happened to them personally in their lives or maybealong how ble about how things couldshould would be done. You knowtalk about that tension between the idea of suggestion in hypnotism andsubconscious sales strategies in approaching persuasion, coercan. Well,I will, and as I'm addressing that, what I'd liketo speak into is that whether you want it to or not most decisions are goingto be made subconsciously or unconsciously, it's a pretty trite metaphor, but ifyou imagine an iceberg as a metaphor for human consciousness, we know onlyfifteen percent er so of the iceberg is showing above the surface the rest ofis taking place on the unconscious level. So, whether you know it or not,you're going to be addressing the unconscious anyway, you may as wellstructure it in the way that helps the other person. I have a radicallydifferent definition of selling. To me, selling is not about necessarilygetting your ideas into the other person's mind. It's about expandingtheir mind, to include choices. They didn't know where there and gettingthem off of their autopilot. First response, their autopilot firstresponsto being angry or feeling self frightous. Now did more directlyaddress your question. Here's my distinction between wlet me back up orgo to the side a little bit hypnosis. If your view of hypnosis is aboutcontrolling other people, making them bark like a dog or do things againsttheir wilt. That's not what I'm talking about that stage tricks I've, neverdone that. I've used it for inpuencant...

...for healing. What's not in my biographythat I think you got. Is I've done a lot of haling work for men who are very scared ofrelationships? Hi've done a lot of huling work so to me, coercion and manipulation, whichis not what I do involves a few of the following things. Number one line aboutfacts saying the car does sixty miles for gallon. When I only does thirtyconcealing material facts saying that your company is really doing well, butin fact your stock is dropping like a lead, Falcon trying to fly, pushingdown on people's pain, buttons, their shame, their guilt, their fear andfinally, corgion. Do it or I'm going to harm you in some way. That to me is notany of what influence persuasion about influence. Persuasion is simply aboutthat process of selling someone on a decision that serves them and when Iwant to point out again- and this is said, witd respect most of yourprospects just don't know how to make a good decision or thor extremelyconflicted around it. People do not come to with the blanks like people didnot come to you, certainly in the super positive state sure themselves, knowingthat they deserve what you have to offer, and also this is the biggestchallenge. People are just not focused anymore. We live in the age of instant Messaginng. This thing I'mholding up my iophone for those you who are listening, there's instagram linkedin tender, not that I know anything about tinder, you understand, so peopleare distracted and they just don't have the focus. So you need to learn tocreate those tates of focus very quickly yeah. I also like you're justhearkening back of a few minutes there to the idea of opening up someone'sperspective and allowing them to know that there are choices and decisionsthat maybe even weren't on the table before I rerally like the way you brokethat down. I think your definition of of manipulation is one that anyoneshould be able to relate to and respect an it's fantastic. Give me a quick goon this one. You know we are talking in a sales context, we're talking aboutsubtle words that sell. Of course, if you were to be a subscriber to Dan,pinks idea of sales is that everyone is in sales that we all ad to influenceand persuade a coons that you just used well need to influence and persuadeopen up people's minds to choices and decisions, whether they'retransactional buying decisions or whether therre other decisions to bemade. I just wanted to broaden this conversation a minute and share with meyour thoughts on talking about you know, prospects, customers, sales versussales as persuasion and influence. I don't think they're contradictoryeither, not at all. I don't see them as because you use the word with respect.You use the word versus, I don't think they're in any way adverse to oneanother they're the same thing. The question is: Are you going to do it ina clumsy way? Are you going to do it in a high pressure way, are going to do itin a stale way or here's the thing in a way where your prospects have heard itbefore here's here's the thing, a tactic identified as a tactic diffusethe tactic that won't work. One of the reasons why I say IM my books, all thewords itsell, the old, worn out scripts th, assume closees, Tad questions. Itinsults your prospects intelligence because they've heard it before it's,not that I'm saying to look what I have will replace everything you have inyour selles process. If you have a sales process, that's working to yougreat and if you add in what I have to teach aile turbo charge it and ill,allow you to gradually drop the old stuff. People have heard it before overand over and over. May I give you a metaphor. Yes, please. Oh quite some time ago I was pulledover by a motorcycle police officer,...

...and the first thing I said is I did itI'm guilty. I went against the light I'll pay that fine, please just get men the ticket and gave me a look. He said license. He took my insurance onmy information and he came back and he said you know what you didn't bask mewith the story. I'm going to give you a break to get it so when we don't bs our prospects when we don't bs ourcustomers, when we present something because re'representing somethingthey've never heard before the motorcycle cop, here's the same excusesafter two months on the job. Everyone gives them the same excuses. Yourcustomers and prospects have a unique paradox in them. I kept talking aboutparadox: O keep. Introducing this idea number one they're more sophisticatedthan ever, because their bombarterd with more sales messages, and I yeahright the other hand, they're dumb down and numbed out by TV and overwhelm andthe rest of it. So you have to be able to juggle those two things. Is thatmaking sense as saidutely yeah was that responsive to your questiontotally yeah? So, let's, let's get into subtle words that sell you've already,given us a really nice pass on, we share together what are some other from a practicalstandpoint. You know, I'm sure people that are with us at this point in theconversation had some appreciation for we share and together and they mad downlike here a little bit more. What are a few more kind of key ideas here? Well,the key idea is first and foremost whatever you can get your prospect toimagine for themselves, woul be perceived as being their own thoughtand therefore they will not resist it. So if you can learn to be, how can Iput this if you can learn to be sufficiently vague in your language,and this is an advance training? I normally don't give this to mybeginning students, but if I said to you, for example, if I were selling real estate andremember, I'm not selling real estate, no one is we're always sellingdecisions and good feelings about decisions. If I said before, I go through our marketing plantogether, I know that you're really going to like the homes we've gotbecause therare over three hosand square feet their value appreciates byfifteen percent a year and I'm sure that you're going to be very satisfiedwith what it is I'm going to present. So, let's get going o by the way. Askquestions if you have them Isi want to say something like as we're exploring this together today,I'm not sure which point you might find yourself growing, more and moreinterested and what it is. Youre learning we're learning together, but,as that's taking place, feel free to ask the questions that naturally arisewhen a great decisions being made. Ond, that's very vague. I didn't say whatthey're going to get excited about. Did I nope I judn't know were exploringsomething together right. I didn't say what points they're going to getexcited. I didn't say what getting excited looks like them to it lookslike for them. Is it they imagine themselves Lehome, I didn't say it. Isaid something more clever. I use what I called unconscious communicationwhords are transports. I said Find Yourself: What does it mean to findyourself doing something? Did you ever just find yourself reaching for therefrigerator and you don't even remember walking up to it and you don'teven remember what it was you wanted you're, just looking your head in. Didyou ever just find yourself Fallyn in love? Yes, yeah. Did you ever findyourself falling out of love and thinking what the heck was? I thinkingsure I'm sure we all have so those kind of automatic subconscious behaviorswhen you put in those words, discover yourself find yourself. I call themtransphrases or unconscious communication words and they implysomething it's going to take place...

...automatically. You don't have to makeany efforts and you don't need to resist because it's going to happenaway were it's of service to you, these little things. Just simple phrases likethis can take what you're already doing you don't need to drop your existingCelles process and turbot charge it. What are counterexamples? I lovecounter examples. So counter examples are an a a example. The broader category ofcommunication called pattern. Interrupts you see, people behave thankfeel and predictable patterns. When you interrupt that pattern, they becometemporarily suggestible and you can lead them. This is something taken fromclassical hypnotherapy. The father of Moterin hypnotherapy, Dr Milton Erikson,would often do pattern inter upts on clients, and during that period, thatwindow suggestability he could suggest new behaviors. So counter examples aremy favorites. Let's say someone says: I need to think it over rol play with me,so I'm not so sure Paul. I need to thinkit over great. I understand. Is it okay? If Iask you a question sure, have you ever taken a long time to think somethingover and it still turned out to be the wrong decision? I have maybe it's not about time, butabout the clarity you need to recognize. You really do want to move forward. Sothinking about it like that, why don't we explore together what itis? You really need to recognize. Yes, this is a good choice. So, let's gothrough it share you questions with me or your concern, so we can clear themup and you can take that step today. You hear the suggestions. Take thatstep today. Move forward, make a great decision absolutely and to me the mostpowerful thing was just taking time off the table. Time is a patent excuseexactly exactly that's exactly the advanced training I would give tosomeone who now decides become. My student were refraiming it from being abouttime, which you can't get out of that into making about clarity and we'realso using the power of suggestion to logically link once they get theclarity, then they will move forward through the power of suggestion andoftentimes. By the way I need more time it's smoke screen because your prospectdoesn't want to say I'm too confused to understand it. That would make themmore dumb and s wil to themselves not just to you but to themselves, and theydon't want to tell that story to themselve right right. So this givesthem a way to save face it reframes, what it's about and through the cleveruse of suggestion it links getting the clarity to making the decision. I'mtelling you I get. I cannot convay the power of this simply do you feel myexcitement and my passion coming through it doing this? Yes, and I seeit as well yeah. I know I love doing this, so I absolutely all transparentlyto your audience. I had a very difficult morning because of thingsgoing on with my family and I said to etta- don't worry about it. This givesme relief from all of that and I'll give you a great show. How am I doingso far? Very good. Thank you yeah. I like that call back to the beginning. Icanee you know. Yes, it's great, so neural linguistic programming. When Isaw you know when I see NLP, I think of natural language processing and I thinkabout computers, trying to understand human language and the subtleties andvariance. But of course that's not what this is. This is neurolinguisticprogramming, but I don't know anything about it. Tell me a little bit about it:Cool! Well, there's an old joke about two rabbis. If you put I'm Jewish, Ican say this, but if you to put two rabbis in a room and ask them aquestion, you'll get fifty opinions so put two nol peers in the room and askwhat is NLP you'll get fifty opinions.

This is only my model, my map, havingused it for over thirty two years and seeing great results and great resultsfor my clients, instit anop is former o foremost about two thinks. First andforemost, it's a map, a technology for modeling excellence for looking atsomeone who does something well extracting out the different elementsof that excellence and then teaching other people to take it on. The second thing I believe it is, is hestudy of how Languad structures consciousness, shapes decisions anddrives behavior? That's the second thing it's about, and the third thingis it's a set of presuppositions about human beings work. It's a map, it's notnecessarily true. For example, one of the presuppositions of NLP is people.Do the best behavior that they have at the time. People always try to do theirbest. It's not that there's something wrong with people t just may be. Theirmap of possibilities is off or, as I say, they're on auto pilot. I have thisteaching that I think I's unique to me that the brain the mind works onrepetition, the Mary Familiar Arrid, Familiariy, excuse me and momentum. Sowhen you go to change in an area of life, thatit's difficult your oldpatents ore thinking are going to come up, not because you hate yourself foryour this thing called a selfsabotager, but simply because they come up becausethey have momentum, and so NLP is a recognition of looking at all these processes and thetechnology for doing so, and then finally, there's a persuasionmodel that alp how to use these things for influence and persuasion. And how did you is this a a formalfield of study how to know Oagainto? How does this plug into the work thatyou do from a practical standpoint? Well, let me the three questions. It is:There's anlp training you can take. I think most of the trainings are prettymuch baluckss. My British friends would say yeah not that they don't offeruseful stuff, but there's what I call the seminar phenomena when someonecomes into a seminar, they're raising their hand, an self selecting andsaying yes, yes, I want it to work on me. Please let it work on me. I paid mymoney. I've taken the time out for travel, I'm giting all the time. Thisevent. Yes, yes, it's going to work on me, but what works in the summon artwhere people are voluntering a and wanted to work. Does't necessarily meanit's going to translate out into the real world anymore than karate that youpractice in a Dojo is going to win a street fight. So I looked at all ofthis. I thought. Okay, how can I extract that? What actually works so Itested it and tested it in different sales situations, and I also used to bea dating coach, so I helped guys get over their fears using it and tocommunicate a way that was very attractive. That's not in my bio, butit's a very unique quay, and so that's how I begin to apply it. And then Ibegan to teacher and found the people from virtually anyfield at any point.In their celves process, Bhut they were veterans or newbees or somewhere inbetween, could really up what they were doing and also make sales moreenjoyable. Look I think sales can and ought to be joyful. It can be yeah, I think, when done well.It should be that way and wollsy anything that we have some level ofcomfortor excitement about, and certainly mastery and general will giveus a little bit of that in the parallels to dating and sales are manya d I'msure. Well, you know a date. Fundamentally is a sale. You've got toget yourself all ready with confidence. You've got to look for leads. You'vegot to set an appointment with the prospect you've got to do get rapport.Do your process. Forgive me, I don't k need to be rude, close the deal andthen handle objections and handle a lot of nose, yeah and discovery, and other decisionmakers that you mayor may not know, or...

...even in the sales well yeah. You just taught me somethingcome to think of it. Yes, that's true, yeah yeah right, well that her friendis not on board with this idea. You know that kind of thing: Oh boy, neural,linguistic programming, when you're working with folks, Woue, primarilyhelping people identify their own patterns or to recognize them in otherpeople. Well, some of both both it's both absolutely both I'll do some free coaching here justfor the heck of it just to demonstrate my prowess and the Brag one of thethings that pretty much creates instant change in the skin. Is He power,blangwuage, n people come to me and say I just can't close the big moneyclients. I give them three magic words todestroy those limiting beliefs. Here they are you're ready, be ready outthere in podcast land up until now we up until now it was the case. Ididn't have the skills to close the big money, clients. It takes the limitation.It acknowledges that that it was real, so we get reported with the unconsciousmind, but it binds it in time. It says it was true up until this finds it intime and it also separates it from who you are as a person you see when itcomes to D, changing beliefs, it's relatively easy to change, beliefsabout capability possibility, but changing beliefs about identity isreally difficult, so it's better to just disconnect the whole thing fromyour sense of identity. In the first place, I love it. It reminds me of I ve. Infact, I just had a nice exchange about this inm linked in I've beenincorporating into some of the presentations. I give a little passageon the power of yet because a lot of people when they come to us again atBombamb, we get easier to recordings and video messages. There's somethingmore challenging for a lot of people to have a recording of the video to sendto someone else for to share to someone else than say doing a life back andforth video lthis because they can play it back and judge it, and all theseother things, and so I wind up having to do some of this kind of motivationalwork that I'm sure you would probably be able to really peel into. But I talkabout the power of yet and what I'm doing is kin to up until now, but I'mputting it at the end. It's like you know, I'm not the kind of person thatrecords videos and sends them to all of my past clients. Yet right, let mesuggest that if you introduce it, you do your process, but just like Levinwit, Perin move it to the beginning, because of them it reframes the entireconversation rather than waiting to the end correct yeah. I like it it's thoselittle tweaks in an already good sales process. I mean this. I have a my classborrd back there, a list of my idea, clients and one of the things about myidea. Clients is they already have a successful sales process, because I I am the most expensive coach.You'll ever be glad you worked with, and so I only deal with people who arealready successful and they had. That means they already have a successfulsales process. But just adding in little tweets like that, you can seeyou can see how it makes a profound difference. Yeah Ige just give me alittle bit of a kind of Paul Ross at a high level or a historic level. I cansee- or I get the sense- that you're layering interests and skills on toponone another for yourself and then obviously you'ved developed skills toteach them to other people in a way that makes sense from coaching peoplewho have issues that limit them from building relationships with otherpeople to obviously a sales process, which I would assume probably pace alittle bit more, maybe because the because the rli is so much more obviousyeah, but you know re you twenty five years ago, like howdid you stack these kinds of interests? How much of it was personal interestand curiosity it was much o be it was. It was both and here's the funny thing how I firstgot interested in applying this to...

...sales. I first started doing this as adating coach and I started e to get emails wit, the people would send mebeautiful emails attached, Picturi of their wife or picturing of their firstkids and Sayg. Thank you so much you help me meet the woman of my dreams. Inever would have had the confidence or the communication skills, but thenaround two thousand and five I started to get a email saying: Hey, I'm with mywife thank you. She's everything, I've rer dreamed of, and I've been usingyour stuff for selling and it's really working. So I got T T I would get thesepeople on the phone interrogate them and began to see what they had incomment. So I began to take my first POPs at translating this into in tosales and I'd get groups of Bated testers together and say: Go Out, usethis go out and use this go out and use this until I began to see really goodresults for everybody. Still I ta Martins. Absolutely it does ther twothings I specially love about it. The first is that you did customer interviews tounderstand. More Bous is trend that you were identifying, which of course, isthe critical to success in general and specifically to improve in theexperience you create and deliver for customers, but then also it hearkens.Back to that question that I asked awkwardly and apparently use the wordversus. While I was doing a long set up to the question of it just validates,this idea of to sell is human that were all selling and influencing andpersuading all of the time, and so I love that it that you started there andcame into this. All believe me believe me. Teaching sales is a lot easier thanI taught guys who are forty years old and never had a date. So if you thinkabout that, you're really dealing with some very, very psychologicalchallenges of not to say brokenness. So if I can teach people like that how toreach their dream, then I can take people who are already successful andalready have a good degree of confidence and really take them to thestratosphere, which is what I love. It's, not that I don't want to help everyone. I just don'thave the time: it's not financially feasible to help everyone okgay. Anyonecan grab the book Soto word at out. It's fourteen bucks, fifteen bucks onAmazon, yeah and Hen that speaks a bit to your ideal clients as well. You wantto take healthy situations and make them even begger and better. I want totake people who are stars and make him superstars yeah. It's fantastic. Ireally appreciate the work that you're doing this is wron ouyinteresting. Ilove Yat. I want to go. I want to get at least five more of those fiftydefinitions of neural linguistic programming for folks that have enjoyedthis conversation kind of that. The some of the themes and topics we'vebeen into hi've got a couple more episodes of this podcast an well enjoyback on episode, forty seven with Brian Robinson, who wrote a book called theselling formula. We titled that Episode Asking Better Sales questions forgreater sales success and it was lik. It wasn't as specificallypsychologically oriented, although certainly his approach to conversationwould be kin here and I think Youre your definitions of selling. I think ifthe two of you connected would be would be similar as well and episode is, isthin, his name's Brian Robinson, and he love I he does some teaching wrote thebookselling formelie also has a VPF partnerships. Job at a company calledworks, works. Twenty four, I think, and then on episode, fifty one Joe Caprio,who at the time was vpof sales at chorus he's now the cofounder of a newsoftware company called Rapres. We Calle that how to inable your salesteam, practical tips for sales leaders, that's more of a traditional salesenablement conversation, but obviously what we're talking about here is ininvesting in developing equipping sales people to be more effective at whatthey're trying to do every day and pauly. I think you did a very nice job.OFII love this! I love this. I love this. I wish I could do this foranother couple hours cool! Well, okay, just will extend it a couple moreminutes. What is something that you?...

You know something that you wish peoplethat are listening at this point, they're, obviously into theconversation they're into you and the and the things that you think and teachbecause they've been with us to this point. What is something I haven'tasked you that you generally find that a you enjoy talking about or be peoplefind very helpful or see. People find very provocative any of the ABORC wow.Something you haven't shared yet that you would like to, I guess is h, is theshort. Take. That's a really good question. As far as probocative, I am adisruptor. I think a lot of what I say is provocative. I will examples say that if I'm in a group of people who are pretendingabout sales- and this is back when we could speak lide before the virus hitus all- I would say that it's okay to be very suggestible and tolead your clients to the decisions that work for them. But I would really leanon the suggestible part and I would say to people if you're not usingsuggestion, then you're, suggesting that you're, not a good leader, so thatkind of confuses people if you're not using suggestion, then you'resuggesting that you're not a good leader. So I like to confuse people-and I don't like to Geethese people- I like to challenge your way of thinkingby creating paradox again in paradoxers power. When you hearsomething that seemingly contradictory, it's a sign that the old paradigme isfalling apart and also you quite diplomatically left tout. One word thatHavon the cover of my plurk, and so I like to use yedishidium I was raised.Jewish and my parents spoke yetish at the table, so I often will throwingcolorful metaphors from yetish that some people don't want at that, theirgroup trainings or any of the rest of it, I'm not for everybody. I can tellyou that I control my mouth as you can see, but I would say I'm not foreverybody, okay, so relationships Paul Ar our number onecore value here and so before I let you go and before you tell people wherethey can connect with you, learn more about the book, learn more about subtlewords, an sell etce. I would love to give you the chance to give a thank ormentione to someone who's had a positive impact on your life or yourcareer and were you to give a mention or a shoutout or a nod to a brand or acompany that you really react to appreciate up for the way they deliverfor you as a customer. Well, actually the person has had the biggest onfuanceon me. I've been very lucky to have great teachers. Great Mentors was mymother, Massieu, Brest and pieace. My mother taught me to be an independentthinker, a not to be afraid of offending or disrupting people's otherideas. My mom once said to me when I was saxing her like eight years old.She shook her finger at mean, said: Listen Kid! If you don't knock it offyou're going to become in a conic class. I said: What's that Mommy said that'ssomeone that goes around knocking over other people's sacred idols and ideas.I thought yes, I want to be in a conner class, so my mom had the most I've hadgreat teachers. I don't put them down, but my mom really influenced my way ofthinking to think outside the box. What was your second one? A company? Youwere a brand that you really appreciate that you are on customer of and they doa great job serving you. I've been using Fedax, either as an employee oras an entrepreneur and business owner sine one thousand nine hundred andeighty four eighty five fedex and thousands of experiences is maybe letme down and that's when I use one of their contractors, Fedix fround thedexhas been absolutely amazing. Theyv still deliver on their core promiseupon which they built their business when it absolutely positively has toget their overnight and they've been great. I love Fedex. Awesome. I've notheard that one before and that reliability I mean how many times wouldyou say: You've tested thes system, hundreds thousand thousands tusand andyou cane think of one or two failures into maybe three tops: that's that'scustomer service yeah and they am sure...

...they recovered. Well, I don't recall I'll, tell you the truth,sure yeah, that's a very, very high success rate Paul. This has beenawesome. I really enjoyed the conversation very much and and folksere listening at this moment. I know they have as well. So if they want totake this farther, if they want to connect with you online or learn moreabout your work, where would you send people to follow up? Well, here's whatyou can do you can jump if, if you're already have a an again, I'm justselective, I mean no disrespect to anybody. If you already have thissuccessful like six revend, seven figure business you've got US salesprocess, it's working you're already a star want to be a superstar. You canarrange for he discovery. Call here's the thing about thirty to forty percentof the time on these calls. I just give you one tweek and you can go off onyour merry way, and so I think it has value based on that. You can hear I'm agood coach just here, so it's easy to do. They run anywhere from thirty toforty five minutes. Just go to Speaker, Paul Rosscom, that Speaker Paul Rosscom,forward discovery, speaker, Paul, Roscom, forwarddiscovery and we'll jumpon and Wel have a look at what you're doing and again often times it's just acouple of tweeks and you can be off on your merry way. Awesome. I will. I will link up yourwebsite I'll link up the discovery page for folks who are listening again. Wedo round up to these at Bombmcom podcast and, of course, you cansubscribe in your favorite player. Appreciate you so much for listeningand PA love. U Coming and spending some time with us. I love it. Thank you.Thank you. It's been my great pleasure to be someone who can share togetherall these things where you can find yourself making use of them as you moveforward today and into your wonderful future. Awesome have an I kind ofclastic rest of your day. I shall clear communication, Human Connection,higher conversion. These are just some of the benefits of adding video to themessages your sending every day. It's easy to do with just a little guidanceto pick up the official book. Rehumanize, your business, how personalvideos, accelerate sales and improve customer experience learn more in ordertoday at Bombamcom Book. That's Bo, MB, Bombcom fock, thanks for listening tothe customer experience. podcast remember the single most importantthing you can do today is to create and deliver a better experience for yourcustomers, continue learning the latest strategies and tactics by subscribingright now in your favorite podcast player, or visit Bombomcom podcast.

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