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The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode · 7 months ago

106. The Magic of Creating Memories at Specific Moments w/ Jeff Kaylor


How can I make people feel like the experience is just for them?


You’d think this question pertains to customer experience — and it does — but it originated from a Magic Moments mindset. As in, actual stage magic.


In this episode, I interview Jeff Kaylor, Fortune 500 Keynote Speaker at and Cofounder at the Magic Estate, about how to bring wonder back into customer experience.


What we talked about:


- Deliberately creating wonder


- Planning customer experience by anticipating memory


- An unforgettable magician is someone fully present


- The magic moments mindset


Check out this resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Jeff’s forthcoming book is called “Create Magic: Transforming Your Everyday Interactions Into Magical Moments”


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