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109. Finding Your Customer's Aha Moment w/ Ethan Beute


Discovering the Aha moment in your business is a big deal. It can affect the entire course of the customer experience because it creates impressions that your customers can feel, remember, and act on.


I’m Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and co-host of the CX Series on the B2B Growth Show, here today to share some things I’ve learned about Aha moments.


You can hear me talk a bit about:


- The reasons our team has sent about half a million personal videos


- The Aha moment with video messages


- Resources for understanding the Aha moment in your org


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It's not just cognitive, it's oftensomething you feel it's that feeling of being overcome with clarity or insightor understanding it's a moment of realization. The AHA moment is when youfeel now I get it. The single most important thing you cando today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers,learn how sales, marketing and customer success experts create internalalignment, achieve desired outcomes and exceed customer expectations in apersonal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here'syour host, ethand Baute, the Aha moment. It's not quite the Eureka moment, butit's still very, very powerful for each of us. This moment is when a conceptclicks it's when something that you thought or expected is actuallyconfirmed, but it's not just cognitive. It's often something you feel it's thatfeeling of being overcome with clarity...

...or insight or understanding it's amoment of realization. The AHA moment is when you feel now I get it and very often it's the start ofsomething good. My name is Ethan bute host of the customer experience,podcast host of the CX series, on B to b growth and chief evangelist at Bombam, and in this short episode, I'm going toshare a few thoughts about discovering and supporting the Aha moment in yourbusiness, as well as the Aha moment in ours that moment that people trulyunderstand that simple casual conversational video messages in placeof some of their type out text is truly a different and better way to connectand communicate with people. So when we seek to improve our customer experience,one of the easiest things we can do if...

...we don't have a CX leader by title orposition, if we don't have a CX team, one of the things we can do no matterour seat within our organization is identified key moments along thecustomer journey and thinking of ways and implementing processes that helpcreate memories or make impressions in those moments things that our customerscan feel remember and even act on. We just talked about this process onepisode. One hundred six of the customer experience podcast withMagician Jeff Kayler he's dedicated his life tocreating these little momentspersonally and professionally for all kinds of people that he interacts with,and some of these moments can be Aha moments. People need to understand thatthey have a problem or that they have an opportunity. They need to understand.Perhaps your solution, the way you approach it. They need to understandyour point of true differentiation, there's so many moments at which wewant to create a memory or an...

...impression for our customers. Talk toyour successful customers. When did it really click for them that they had aproblem or an opportunity? Or when did it click that you were the right teamor right company or right product or right service or right person to workwith related to that problem or opportunity? When you're clear aboutsome of the Aha moments related to your business you're in a better position toreinforce those and when your customers experience them, it enhances theirunderstanding and their commitment. So for me, and the team at Bombam we'reworking to help people use casual, conversational, unscripted videos asthey connect and communicate through email text, messages, slack messagesand social messages. All these places, where we're typically relying on planblack text on a plane, white screen, intellectual thoughts, pecked into akeyboard and sent to other people, hoping that there's no misunderstanding,that there's no miscommunication and...

...that they get the tone and intent ofour message. Of course, video does that in a better way, we should all be usingvideo messages in place of some of our typed out text for clearercommunication for human connection and for higher conversion, all thosemicroyesis and macro yesis that we need to support each other. Our team members,our partners and suppliers and vendors. Of course, our customers and evenpeople in our personal lives adapting video like adopting any new workflowprocess tool. Technology is a change. It can be challenging to get startedwith video. Of course, one of the common hurdles is that people aren'tcomfortable. They don't like the way they look or sound, they're not used torelinquishing control over their digital communication and just beingwho they are. It can feel like a very vulnerable position to be in, andpeople are uncomfortable with vulnerability. There's a lot I couldteach here, including some of the best practices to get started. Some easy lowthreat ways to work through this...

...discomfort, but what I want to speak tospecifically is the Aha moment and I'll characterize two versions of a personalvideo Aha moment and then provide a very specific and interesting insight.That's related to the employee experience. I have personal relationships withhundreds of our customers, especially longtime customers, and I've hadconversations of all kinds from casual to formal, and these are the two mainorigin stories: Ore, Aha moments of some of our best and longest customers.The first one is receiving a truly personal video when someone greets them,by name in the little animated preview that we automatically create, andsomeone clicks play on that and they're greeted by name. The person isspecifically addressing their needs or interests. If you haven't received oneof these, it's a very novel feeling, because we're so accustomed, of course,to watching video in a variety of formats, but so infrequently is it justfor us as an individual human being if...'re a relationship, orientedbusiness professional and you receive one of these for the first time you getthat instant feeling and you immediately want to make someone elsefeel the same way. It all becomes clear that video is infact a different, more personal, more human way to reach out to people soreceiving one feeling it and wanting to create that for someone else, the othertype of Aha, momen or origin story is when you record and send your first fewvideos and you get that first reply back something like best email ever orit was so great to see you or oh, my gosh. Thank you for taking the time tosend me that video, by the way, you're often saving time by talking instead oftyping. But this is that closed loop. You haven't necessarily experienced apersonal video yourself. You've sent one, but your recipient is replyingback to you with confirmation that this... in fact a different and better wayto reach out to people. So our team at Bombam has sent nearly half a millionpersonal one to one videos over the years. The exact number is somethinglike four hundred eighty five housand just sh. I have a half million. That isa lot of videos and we're not that big at team. We just use it very, veryconsistently, so something I did recently was I reached out to teammembers of mine whoe sent one thousand or more videos or for newer employees,people who are averaging three videos per day since their accounts beenopened, and I askd to variety of questions, and one of them was abouttheir personal Aha moment. Of course, I received all kinds of responses hereand they generally fit these two characterizations. When I received one-and I felt it- and I wanted to make someone feel the same way or I sent one-and I got a reply back that immediately. Let me know that this was different andbetter, but one version of the Aha moment that I heard from several of ourteam members that I especially...

...appreciated involved a member of ourtalent, Management Team and awesome guy named Matt Solen, he's involved in ourrecruiting and hiring processes, and he uses video all the time in reaching outto candidates. So several of our team members specifically mentioned him byname and talked about the hiring process itself. They had done someresearch on the company, they cognitively understood what we weredoing and why, but they hadn't felt the difference so in reaching out in thoseearly stages, when mad is reaching out to people he's doing it so often withvideo so of the twenty seven or twenty eight responses I've received so far,five or six people specifically mentioned the hiring process, andseveral of them mentioned mat by name as the moment that it all came together.This is different. This is better. This feels different. This is more personal.This is more human. I feel seen and heard and understood and valued.

It reminded me a lot of episode. Eightyon the customer experience podcast with Kil Coen he's the founder of employeeexperience design and he specifically had this amazing passage about creatingraving fans from your potential hires, even when they don't get the job. Nowhe wasn't talking about video, but he was talking about being more humancentered in the recruiting and hiring process so that, even when you have totell someone now, they feel valued and appreciate it. Certainly video can helpthere. So a quick recap, if you don't know the Aha moments related to YourBusiness and the problem that you solve reach out to some of your bestcustomers and start to understand. Itd then start thinking about ways that youcan enhance and support it. Obviously, for us, we send a lot of personalvideos to our prospects and our customers so that they can receive itand feel the difference and want to create it for other people. We werk toget people to send their first three to five videos knowing full well that theywill get at least one reply that lets...

...them know that it's a different andbetter way to work. The episodes I've already mentioned here again episode:Onre, O six of the customer experience podcast with Magician Jeff Kayler aboutcreating magic moments and episode eigty with Gilco and founder ofemployee experience. Design he's got some great tips on how to enhanceemployee experience. An employee engagement, of course, that is anecessary precursor to a great customer experience. If you're interested moreabout video, I've got a few more episodes. You might want to check outepisode. Eighty nine, the four stages of video adoption episode: Seventyseven, the science of video in the new metric that matters most an episode.Fifty two three moments where video belongs in your customer journey:Eighty: Nine, seventy seven and fifty two. If you want to check out all thoseepisodes in more search, the customer experience podcast in your preferredplayer and while you're there give a... to rate the show, if you're alsomotivated to leave a review, that's awesome, but a single click is sohelpful to the show and if you want to browse these episodes check out videoclips and a whole lot more visit. Bombomcom s podcast bomb Bombcompodcast again, my name is ethen Baute. I appreciate you listening to thecustomer experience podcast and the CX series on btob growth. I do welcomeyour direct feedback. Email me, ethon ethan at Bombamcom, or hit me up onLinkedin, be sure to include a note with your connection, request, justsearch ethen bute Ethan beute in Linkdin, thanks again for listening,clear communication, human connection, higher conversion. These are just someof the benefits of adding video to the messages your sending every day. It'seasy to do with just a little guidance,... pick up the official book.Rehumanize your business, how personal videos, accelerate sales and improvecustomer experience learn more in order today at Bombamcom Fuck, that's Bo mbbombcom buck. Thanks for listening to the customer experience. PODCASTremember. The single most important thing you can do today is to create anddeliver a better experience for your customers, continue. Learning thelatest strategies and tactics by subscribing right now in your favoritepodcast player, or visit Bombomcom podcast.

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