The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode · 2 years ago

11. Rehumanizing Business and the World With In-Person Communication w/ Darin Dawson


“I want to rehumanize the way people think about their communication. I just think people are better face to face.”

Today, almost everyone relies on email, texting, message boards, and other impersonal methods to get their work done. Unfortunately, these messages lack the body language and vocal signals that we humans rely on to fill the communication gaps.

And emojis can’t cut it.

Darin Dawson, President and Co-Founder of BombBomb, which makes it easy to record, send, and track video emails within the systems you already use, has built a career on this idea.

He joined us on a recent Customer Experience podcast. Below are some of his ideas on rehumanizing business communication and the world.

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