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11. Rehumanizing Business and the World With In-Person Communication w/ Darin Dawson


“I want to rehumanize the way people think about their communication. I just think people are better face to face.”

Today, almost everyone relies on email, texting, message boards, and other impersonal methods to get their work done. Unfortunately, these messages lack the body language and vocal signals that we humans rely on to fill the communication gaps.

And emojis can’t cut it.

Darin Dawson, President and Co-Founder of BombBomb, which makes it easy to record, send, and track video emails within the systems you already use, has built a career on this idea.

He joined us on a recent Customer Experience podcast. Below are some of his ideas on rehumanizing business communication and the world.

Our courte Valis are about number oneis relationships, and it's about building relationship. Other humanbeings, you're listening to the customerexperience podcast a podcast dedicated to helping today's growing businesses,restore a personal human touch throughout the customer life cycle, getready to hear how sales marketing and customer success experts surprise anddelight and never loose sign of their customers. Humanity here is your hostEten beaute. Welcome back to the customer experiencepodcast, I'm really excited to have a longtime friend the person. I've workedwith professionally longer than anyone else in my already longish career, the CO founder of Bombam, the presidentof bombam not ti et the title these days. Yes, okay e President Coof, thespop amount, yes as needen yeah, so ll welcome to the podcast Arandise you forthanks for having me it's fun, Yea Ben one o this for a long time right and wehave in a way I mean our career started together. We wanted to have a showtogether for a long time must be ons right and we met at the local NBCstation here in Colorado Spring. Yes, it was always kind of a running thing,and here we are ou and counter built this business and successfully pulledme out of my prior career into this. It's been awesome, that's that wasalways the idea I was leaving and was, like you know, you're coming with meright. It wasn't quite Jenny. McGuire is that right, but you know his closes.Yeah like there was a plain in placs like we're going to do this right andyou're like okay, yeahso totally. I needed it so we're going to start where we alwaysstart define customer experience. I'm glad I have been listening to thepodcast very o very much anyo have to review for it. I think I don't nowshould devile chanse. I feel like it's disingenuous because it's like mine,but it's you yeah, but you wat I'll, do that. Okay, you've heard it. Of courseyou have' heard ever podcast so yeah. I thought a lot about this questionfiguring that I would eventually have to answer it and I'm usually running onthe treadmill listening to this, so so it's kind of hard to piece all together.Anyway. To me, it's everywhere that a person experiences a business right, soI really feel this in terms of the people of the business and how theyexperienced them, and I think about things like trade shows or phone callsor emails and then, of course, the product. Yes, but I guess this reallylives itself out for me anywhere. You can experience our people. I feel thatthat is the leadfoot, because I believe in human beings and that I believe thatwe're better in person, I believe we haven'n transit value, so I thereforeapply the experience more to a human experience than anything, and I reallylove trying to help people live that out in our teams here and it'simportant to us. That's how I think about it. That's awesome! So so I meanjust to capture that something that you've offered, that I don't that I'veheard before. As an answer to this question, is the people come on how howto customers experience the people on our side of the business, and itreminds me to exchange? I was in in linked in the other day where we weretalking about how people talk about other businesses, and it's very, veryinfrequently product feature benefit it's a moment that they had often itinvolved, something that a person did or whatever I love that the person isat the core of it. I agree for me when I think about rually companies. I loveit's often the person I love at that company and you can' always do thatwith products like your phone or whatever, maybe, but really like my handscaper Oryea, I pickthere. I like that persome there was a bonb there and I felt like they werethe one I could trust with my home yeah, and so I do think comes back to peopleand I come from a small town. As you...

...know, and so I grew up in a way thatwas more like our neighbors just dropped by and you have these thesequick converce like or long conversations, but that was the how Igrew up and so, where you know the handshake was all you needed and youdid what Syo said you would do, and so that really has lived on with me andthat's why? I think that's what probably puts me into that traductoryND. I think about experience yeah, it's great, so you obviously have perviewover the entire organization, you'R, really a sales and marketing guy atyour core and that's what you've taken taken on a lot here, but talk about thechallenges of you know: ith, someone who wis attuned to experience insomeone with you know: Responsib Responsibility, oversight andopportunity to roll into any situation any team in the house and have someinfluence there. What are the? What are the mean challenges for creating agreat experience for our customers here at Bombam and that's a great question. I it's thepeople, it's given er getting everyone the samepage in a line towards the same goal that we're all trying to tackle rightbecause you come woth opinions and, and I'm a big fan of we can have opinions. We can disagreevehemently, but the end of the day. We all need to agree and move forward, andI think you know this about me that I really try not to be an overlord aboutthe way. I think, although I'm opinionated, I'm a salesperson and I'mworking guys, so I'm persuasive, yeah but t the same time. I truly want toknow Er reminds I like. I want to come to consensus. At the same time.Sometimes you have to make the call as the owner of the leader, but for themost part, if you have the right team, you can come to consensus, and you knowthat that is the right direction to go, but Tho create that experience.Everybody you kind of have that have that common goal and vision and getwith it together and think so often you know a lot of times. You get consensus,you think you do, but there's somebody, maybe it's you and you'R you're holdingout and you're, not just don't want to say it, and I think that affects youknow if you're, not if we're not all bought in and we're holding out, we'renot being truthful about our concerns. Ore, not being okay with actuallysaying once become this conclusion: Ral going to move in the same directiontogether. I think that causes issues. I've seen that in teams- and you know,talk a lot of Zeos and friends of mine and we talk. I talk about this a lotand in a lot of times that drips out intohow your rand is felt, how it's built, how all all things war Olt to thecustomer experience I think, can be hurt. If we're not aligned, wiving thesame motion trying to get to the same goal, then it's your question, ahundred percent. It does it's. That is a the big challengees alignment right andI'm an especially as you scale especially, is you're, adding peopleall the time as we are like. So you have new people, they have ideas andyou want to hear them. You want o diverse culture, that's bring these newconcepts to the floor and how do you align those and how you get Ra on boardandsell division and keep the culture andpact? And you know everybody is ifyou're running a business. Youve probably heard this that everyone'sconcerne will as Yeu grow. How will we maintain the culture, and you know Ithink, you're you know you're there when I said this, it's like it's, Ican't any longer be the soul or Conadi be the sole prorvaers of culture. It isup to you if you want to maintain this culture. You need to take these on asyour own core values and kind of push for on your own sid. I think and that'sa big again it place hugely into how I believe people experience our brandinto its people, because they should be able to tell you what the corte valuesare and why we care about them and what they mean to them personally, as wellas what they mean in this business, and they should have been recruited andhired and onboarded to those things, and that's, ideally, that is exactlyyeah yeah. It's good. I wanted to ask... a follow up, but for the sake oftime I wote about, like you know the voting process on how we do things anddoes everyone get to raise their hand and do we go with the popular voteNething, but I already know the answer there. You know you have to you have tolisten to all the voices. Take them all into account. Have some proper counselthat decides this is the direction we're going and and really work tobuild that by and obviously we work together for a very long time, becauseit's exactly how I would have answered hit, that's good thats, really good. Sometimes I le Het say like have youtalked to euthin about this, then you know exactly what I W at was say aboutit. That's good! That's I I'm happy to play that role. Yeah, I'm glad thatthat's there. So for people that don't know, Bombam talk just share a littlebit from your perspective. How do we help people improve their customerexperience like what you know. I think that's fundamental. What we do it's oneof the reasons. Therare two reasons I took the podcast in this direction, oneI think what we do dramatically affects our customers, customers in a reallypositive way, and then the other one is that I just think that you know tour toyour reaction to the idea of what's the biggest challenge like it's acomplicated thing, it involves everybody and whatever so anyway, speakto that first part of it the. How do we help people connect andcommunicate with Tyour customers more effactively? I just believe that human beings communicate to each other in a waythere's unique inthat. We are currently stripping all of that uniqueniss out in our in our business communication. N. A lot of ourcommuncation ols at the email or texting social media, and even you know,as we came from the news business where it's this polished, like inauthentic presentation of who weshould be we're on video brandom to me, that's what I want to change and thatyou know we started this business wirh. The idea that man, if I get in font ofsomeone chances, are re going to buy for me, but I wanted to raise theamount of at bats. I had to be in front of people, so we you know we knew if wecould be in front of more people in Rofton we have more opportunities, andso that was the idea, because we knew we were better in person, and I believethat everyone is better in person and thewhole point of sales calls in Parketing Typicallis to get in person a lot oftimes or to get the design the contract. But arguably, if we were in theirconference, room wor weere sitting down across from them, the chance of thathappening would be higher. So I want to make that a transform of experience forthe recipient, their customer to say wow. I like that person just like electmy lansdcaper, and that's why I chose them right, even though they werefrankly the only one that caled me back as well, but I really did like him the three people. I Call Pol oterproblem, homeleer Pockati, but I mean again, our court Valis are about numberone is relationships, and it's about building relationships, other humanbeings in the fact that I can't not wave my hands around when I talk thatsays something about me and your brain picks up on that and we communicatemore nonverably than we do verbally in the way our tone and afflection thesethings matterd, and it's so interesting to me. Man, we've talked about this lot.You know I talked about this all th time, but we spend all this time tryingto hire the right people and often will interview them and we judge them basedon their ability to present or how they talk, how they carry themselves, howthey cannect to the connect with people, especially salespeople. That's a bigdeal right: can we trust them with a brand and then we just give hem likeGmail and our sales force to say get after it and we strip away all of thatand it it's crazy and we believed in two thousand and sixwhen we first started this and we believe in now I think more than thatever that we want to rehumanize the way people think about their communication.It's a big deal to me and I just think...'s better just think people arebetter face to face and humans are better than text. I just I bet. No onedisagrees like we can disagree about scallability and talk about how to getat that stuff. Like that, I get you and dit. Is it a plikable and to be clear,we're talking about simple personal videos? Typically Webcam smartphonevideos recorded in place of some of the plane type dout text. You might dessent,and so people might disagree about when she as a canned evergreen video. Whendo you get truly personal and say the person's name and speak, and I, likeall those things bound, think anybody disagrees that hanging out with people is where it'sat and that's what this life is about, and that's what we most look forward toin the weekend, ultimately is being of the people we care about, and I justthink that we can create more relationships like that in our businesslife and make a more rich experience and by using more authentic personal typecommunication to video it's great. I love it and then for the Aha moment fora lot of the customers. So my role here has been really collecting and tellingcustomer or fe years yeah. The Hi moment is typically in that reply thatsomeone gets back from from a customer. That says you know. Oh my gosh, thankyou so much for this and they realize that it is different than than whatthey had been doing before. But you know one of the more I'm thinking ofMichael Thorn here, someone who just got it Instantl, Youre aalduring thatshow's early longtime costumers. They got it the second. They received avideo from me where I greeed them by name yea, there's an instant connectionof I want to make my customers feel this way, as opposed to some otherpeople. Get that out how moment with they get the reply and they're like OhAhha, I made my customer feel a different way than if I done it anotherway, absolutely yeah yeah. So I'M GON NA at the risk of violating someconstructive criticism. I've received about asking more than one question ata time that come from, I ka. No, it didn'tthat's why I still feel safe doing it with you here, I'm going to just fullfold a couple ideas together, you know again: We've already established yourkind of a natural sales and marketing guyt's. Just in your blood. It's whoyou are it's, how you've looked at the world and looked at business in general,so talk about like what is that proper relationship between the sales team andthe marketing team? What do you wish more sales people understood aboutmarketing or marketing people, and what do you wish more marketers understoodabout sales? People like talk about that relationship between those teams.It's obviously super important. It's important to the experience and it'simportant to the business yeah. I think it's changed a lot oover in my career.I really think, don't know. Sometimes I think I getinthis insiders look at this anyway. I think used to be very much siloed and Ithink they are, I believe, they're varying interintertwine that they theirintegral to each other's success, especially in our business as say,can't think of a business where it's not but often times. We see this thingsas Silod. Al Rih see them siloned in businesses and, frankly, competitive innature, but where I believe they need to be in unison, working alongside eachother to a common goal. An and I don't I see that happening more than I havein the past, but I used to see a very silent and very combatibe against eachother, almost competitive. I think they're both like competitive peoplethat choose those paths like we are like you know, I think, I'm more SALESZand you'R more market. In me me, we were, I was in sales, an yeur marketingin our past careers and so, but yet we've always seen how that comingtogether is better than trying to do it apart. But I don't know it's a tougherquestion and say we. I wish they understood more about each other,because I have an interesting path now, where I have both departments reportingto me and we have a nice layer of cenorgistic thinking going on there.Now we haven't always, but we do today, so I gosh, I guess, okay I'll, ask thatpart specific to you. Personally.

You've been a sales person in a varietyof roles like yeah. What is it about a sales role that you wish? Maybe A CS:personal marketer, understood or respected, yeah and and that n like what I working hard over here,respect me, but my twoem has always kind of under values the other onesability it's like they. You know seeas people think it's super easy to createthese inbound leaves or or the typeline for them and t an the marker thinksthat the salesperson disrespects fullea is an easy Gig and I think everyonefrankle thinks te hills. Job Is the easy job right, but it's it's not like. They just get paid all this moneyor something, and it's just a walking apark. But it's not I mean it. It's adifferent type of hard. Okay, like likewise in the marketing world, ishard to think about strategically how to get this person. Fill this formoutthot's, not easy to capture that opportunity to give it to a salesperson.So you know it's this tragic mix where the marketer thinks this Hos persssquanders the leads hat work so hard for and and the the Se people thinkthat the markors are just playing pink pomg and in the in the client, myhenJohn Daves, ear applicable for us and yeah. So that's what I think I thinkthey need a one. This happens in every job fullyunderstands won what it takes to do, the other and they you know, I try andenlighten both sides of that spectrum like what he just did was super hard and t.She just did was super hard and you guys need to get better iline but obecause you're all going in the same direction, you're all trying to let'sthe same Boa, it's the ravedue right that we're trying to drive there, so Ithink we're in a good spot right now we are- and I but I've been in spos there,horrible yeah, horribly, competitive and you're, not doing it right, and youshould do this differently. An I'm happy not to be in that place right now,yeah. I me too, winning really helps by the way winningailes a lot of things. It also masses a lot of sains. It does Mesk a lot ofthings yep. We just had yeah just worked done that yesterday and you knowyou K, O we're K, we're winning here, but wait a minute. Is that exactly whatwe wanted when we said that that was what we were going to achieve and youachieve it, but did we yeah? What's in that number and how's that makeup yeah?That's good! That's good! Good! Glad! You got ta Ta, wait here, TAT's goodsor, all right, so we were talking about this little bit before we hitrecord it's. You know. Customer experiences. I think deeply deeplybased in employee experience that if employees have good experiences thatnaturally comes out, I'm kind of I guess I'm tying back a little bit towhere you started, but I think I want to like kind of start winding down on.This is what kind of team and environment like kind of? What are youtrying to set the tone for here like what do you want? You know whetherthey're you know it's a customer care associate who's dealing with. I can'tget my webcamp to work or a salesperson WHO's. Trying to you know, diagnose anddiscover and shine a light on a pathforrd for a prospect or a you knowany of these seenes that we have in he house like what kind of team orenvironment or experience like. How are you trying to create a sense of purposeand connection here yeah? I think there's a lot of jobs like that in the world, and it's a pretty goodjob mark right now and you could go do that job somewhere else, therare a joblike it. So when Kiner, I started this business thing that we wanted to makeit about. Was We wanted to really make a den? The Universe is how we usedto talk about Wel, make it ten, the universe, evern sure about what thatwas, but we were pretty sure just wasn't in ourpath that there's anything wrong with I hit, but that you know I said this hereday: I'm not Gona, have a billion dollar ranch somewhere with ranch, hands or something, and nowI'm not there, whatever I'm not going... I want to make it Han in theuniverse, Wat OES, that men and recently what we've kind of tied thatinto is how we're goingto to we want to that. Only recubanize people'sCommunication Uwe want to rehunize the planet Andshe B like Oh, that's justsome. You know this is my finor that someone listenin around us go that some.You know crazy bs that you on recoise Ta Plan. Well, we as we umpact thatwhat does that mean what that means is to rehumanize tha planat. We want torehumanize if people that are dehumonized, we want use Gad bom thething that's Rehumunizing, her communication is a way as a vehicle todo that, and so what we try and do is invest in profits or in people ar thatare attempting to rehumanize people thatare being dehumanized in places like you know, Africa, where they don't havefood and there' spaces in America am food locally. We do it with a coupleorganizations or with homelessness with families that are on the streets thatare homeless also with women who can't receive healthcare. They provide freehealth care to me. If you can't get healthcare, your being dehumanized, Imean at this point: We should bill, have health care, but we can eithercomplain and try and change it, or we can literally change it in yourbackyard and we found a pant way to do that, and so for us, then, is how wecan help rehuanize people and we have a problem with slavery in this worldright now. I don't think a lot of people honestly know about that, butpeople are being more enslaved than this world than they ever have been sextraffic, human traffic game. Let's change that or we could buy a ranchlike. I would rather choose the the former and tryin Mac den the universeby recunizing these people, if you've ever met someone that has been in these paths and then has beenrehumanized that has a job and has a home now andthat life is gone. You will want to do that, and so I want- and we try and dothis hat. That's why you're answering the fhone of Bombam? That's why I wantsto be pump thins to that ticket yeah make that sells. Call because we'retrying to do something different. Not only does our technology help, peoplebe better face the base and build that human relationsip, the human connection,but we're going to change the planet. One thing at a time, I'm big my thingis to do the next right thing and we're just tacking on Wekan, I'm going to tryand GIV miaze a planet and we're going to do our best to do it and hold me accountable yeah. I love it.It's it's what it is part of what keeps me excited every day. There are twothings that keep me excited every day to come back. Well, I guess three onewould be the team, I think there's a lot of joy and fun and Challeng, andall these other things that that are that make it enjoyable to be here, butthen there's also the when I get a customer story back that'slike, and I hear this is going to sound just as dramatic and crazy to someon,who has ie heard up before as rehumanize the planet, and it's thisman. This didn't just change. My business has changed my life and I'veheard that multiple times that's Horemi, remember like a guy. This is CIMERASname, you probably will it was a gentleman who used Bombom to raisemoney because is dag cancer? I'm I have you the story yet. I can't really. Iremember looking at countorblike Dude, if, if it is all to do that, I'm goodyeah, I'm good like like I'd rather be indiet saved one guy's life come o. Youkeep going Lik. So you S, build the business to create? U E senable RevenueStream and frankly, the community around this too interl in the thirdpiece, of course, is this like this idea that I'm more in touch with a lotof ideas and challenges aroundhomelessness, Around Single Motherhood, around orphans and lack of access tofood and education? All these other...

...things I'm more in touch with it. It'sfun to see when we, when we get together either physically assemble,get in cars and go help, people yeah or whether we haveit a is tructor Trat,yeah, whatever it is or or whether it's or whether it's a presentation at theteam lunch where we, where we get to meet people who are on the front linesof this stuff and anyway it's awesome, so we're going to wrap. You alreadymentioned our number one core value of relationships. It's how I always liketo end. I like to give you the chance to think or mention someone who's had apositive impact on your life or career, and, and I'm really excited I'm excitedfor that part too. But I'm super excited for the second part, like acompany or a brand, that you also feel is doing a really great job ofdelivering a positive experience for you, gosh the Sycho ones harder. For me,the first one I've always so I didn't go to college. As you know, I didn'treally so. I was raised by men and women who spoken to my life.One of them was gime Sam Frogatte Neneras, my father. It mean my fathervery much for the whole due ou say ye're going to do. hartbooks important,like these are just values that I believe are very midwestern or we'refrom, and so I appreciate him for that and then but Sam Froga was onegentleman who that's where I get to do the next right thing from just a owns:a business business leader, good dude, older guy, like that really sawpotential me as young man and invested in hanging out and developinga twenty something person into a what he saw could be a leader, and I really his words still speak to me. So it'she's been super infuential. So was that something you saw on yourself at thetime or did he help bring that out of you? No Man like I didn't, and that wasthe thing. That's a great question. I think that was part of it that I,because because I didn't fit the bill right, so I didn't so. You werelistening to the culture at large. That said, yeah gave a shout at College. Itwasn't really my thing: I don't Loik Rioi Hav I'E beereally go high schoolright like, but there was never this identification of entrpreneurism orlike any of that, and so he saw that and he made it a point to spend timewith me to unpack it and help expose what it was. So I challenge lesters. If you knowpeople- and you see this- please and NITM- trying to do myself, because thattaught me that that some people we look at them is like they're, crazy. Thosekind of meah connor both of us, but people saw something in that and theyjumped in and they helped turn the page on that. I've had a lot of people and Icould list many people and Youre pro you may be listening. This then havehelped me do then, I'm so appreciative of that and I read my butt off andlisten. My Butt off to Brian Tracy and all the classic podcast before podcastwas called CDs in my car right comally. So I've been doing that for ever andstill do clean this one yeah. No, you now custer experience cosh. I thinkabout this all the time I I'll see you up a little bit. I think you're anexperienced guy anyway. You've been to Hawaii many many times. You knowexactly where you're going to go. You've taken your family on Disney manytimes. If you want to talk super high end whiskeys like you like Hurd, Expor,Tha, Gon, yeah, Gosh me, and I just made it harder. Even Iwas on the treadmill listening Tho Yeur podcast, a very nice resort in Hawaiithinking how they were not winning with this, but I don't want to no negative, but Ido think that I travel a ton, so I will say thehotel. You know I'm a Maria person and theyave treatd me very well, and I loveyou know, frankly, being rewarded for the amount of time the travel and theythey figured out to do. Thate or I think it's spoken about a ton, the RIS,Carlton or Four Seasons Experience, but even just the General Mariett, knowingthat I'm a weary traveler and how they...

...take care of me when I check in Neeter,late or whatever, and what they do, the like bottles of water cookies littlethings like that me a lot mean a lot when you've been traveling too much andyou're sick of the road, so I'll use them as a good one but but whiskey. ISin Mine of the craftsmanship Ye that someone took this much time to putsomething amazing into this bottle and the idea they've been doing it for thatlong. BELOWS, my mind, like you know, hundreds of years and e castle andIreland and and Yeah I won't go so there's a there's stories behind ILO orYoar right, exactly I'm a sucker for a good story. I love it. I love buildingstories by love being a part of them and I love drinking them. Yeah cool, Iguess, Wi'll end there. I I appreciate your time so much. Thankyou for listening to the PODCAST. By the way, your feedback is always ugayalso to the people who are listening now. I welcome your feedback. You canemail me directly, even Ethan at Bombomcom or better yet go to ituns orapple podcast and droper rating or reviewo. To do that. That's my takeaway cool yeah I and there's another one in there I'll get that on playback,but anyway. Thank you. So much for being here thank Youtan and thank you.Everyone else, yeah! You are listening to the customerexperience podcast, no matter your role in delivering value and servingcustomers. Youre intrusting, some of your most important and valuablemessages to faceless digital communication. You can do betterrehumonize. The experience by getting face to face through simple personalvideos, learn more and get started. Free at Bom, Bomcom you've beenlistening to the customer experience podcast to ensure that you never missan episode subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player or visitvombomcom. Thank you so much for listening until next time.

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