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The Customer Experience Podcast

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22. Rehumanize Your Business by Building Relationships Through Video w/ Ethan Beute


Ethan Beute is on a mission to connect people. His method?


More specifically, his company BombBomb wants us to use the power of video to leverage our personal connections, and provide meaningful social interactions. 

Video is the way of the future. In this episode he shares how easy it is to get deeper in your relationships to improve your video, by using your smartphone and connecting with people around the world. 


One of the reasons some of you chose the business that you're in is that it allows you to connect with other people and allows you to help people or challenge people, or support people or love people, or Pat People on the back or give people a kick in the ass when they need it. We are here to be in relationship with other people. You're listening to the customer experience podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping today's growing businesses restore a personal human touch throughout the customer life cycle. Get ready to hear how sales, marketing and customers success experts surprise and delight and never lose sign of their customers humanity. Here's your host, Ethan Butte. Hey, welcome to a new and unique episode of the customer experience podcast. You've been with us for a while. First, thank you, and second you've probably identified that we release a new interview every Tuesday with people in a variety of roles in a variety of industries who are leading the way in improving the way we create and deliver experiences for our customers. It's a really valuable, important and fun ongoing conversation that helps us all be more effective every day, because there's nothing more important that we're doing every single day as individuals, teams and his organizations than creating and delivering better experiences for our customers. Now I also fold into that one interview with a fellow bombomb team member every month to round that conversation out and talk about some of the things that we're seeing in some of the things that we're struggling with and improving on in our own business. In this episode you'll hear a presentation I gave recently. Now I co wrote a book with Steve Passanelli, longtime friend in our chief marketing officer here at bombomb. It's called rehumanize your business, how personal videos accelerate sales and improve customer experience. So I share in this presentation three fundamental truths that were revealed to us and things that we were reminded of in the process of writing the book. And what you're going to get when you listen to this is a new way to think about the way you're connecting and communicating with your customers and some of the real deep reasons and motivations and excitements and opportunities and passions that we can have in that process. For context, I delivered this presentation as the closing session at our first ever live event called rehumanize. It was a video summit, it was two and a half days long and I had the privilege and challenge of closing the event down with something that was meaningful, valuable and that tied the event together. I hope I achieve that and I hope you enjoy this presentation called Rehumanize Your Business. I know you've picked up tons of ideas over the past two and a half days. been absolute privilege to share this event with all of you. This is with, for and by all of you. This is a community advantage, so privilege to share it with you. You probably have a lot of tactics. You've written down some. We may be thinking about that lit up on. I want to leave you, or start this and leave the event, with a couple related questions. In the first one is how many contacts do you have in your phone right now, or how many people are you connected to on social or how many people are in your database or your crm? How many is that? I don't need everybody. I mean the good ones, like the AIDS and the bees and the families and the friends, people you could call up and say I need a hundred bucks and I probably don't need a hundred bucks. But someone that you would ask that to and they would say yes, I'm all in right. How many is that? Is it two hundred and fifty, five hundred, maybe a thousand people, maybe. And now think in the past year, how many of those people had you spoken with or spent time within person? Half maybe, if you're super lucky and you're starting number was low. A third, a quarter, probably ten percent. Right. What would it mean to your business if you just took two, three, four minutes in the morning and sent two videos a day to people in your phone or people that you see on social that had something good or bad happen that you maybe might want ... connect with? What would happen if you sent two videos a day to give about five minutes? It's ten videos a week, so five hundred videos a year. You might look back and say, Gosh, I can never do five hundred videos in a year, but what if you just reached out to two people a day just to say hi or thank you or I've been thinking about you. where I saw timmy made captain to the soccer team. That's so awesome. I hope he has a great season, or I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, or a Gosh. I'm so proud of you and I'm really excited for what's next in this phase of you're like, what would happen if you just did that a couple times a day? Would it be good for Your Business? It probably amazing for Your Business, but let's put that on the side for a minute, because this is for humanize. It does all tie together, but that's not all of what it's about. Think about what it means for you to be in front of all the people who matter most to your life in your business in a truly personal way, for you to be seen and heard and felt and understood more often every single day, the conversations that start instability, for you to be seen and heard. It's all you really want. So many of the decisions you make, the clothes you wear, the way we carry ourselves is all fundamentally around wanting to be seen and Hurd I need people to know who I am. I need that in my life. We all needed it a deeply fundamental human level. Even more importantly, what would it mean for those five hundred people for you to reach out in a personal way with a video one to one, that allows them to know that they've been seen and heard and felt and understood. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. That's a big deal. That's all any of US wants. We are so desperate, especially so much of our work in our lives become digital or so desperate for that, and so that's where we're going to start here. This is rehumanize your business. Raise your hand if you know that this book exists. Awesome. That's great, and now keep your hand up. If this is still true of you, you can put it down. If it's not. How many of you have ordered this book? Awesome. How many of you have started reading a book? Good, good, hand still up, if this is still true. How many of you read most or all of the book killer? Last one, I promise. Keep your hand up. How many of you've left in the Amazon Review? Need those Amazon reviews. No guilt. No guilt. Thank you so much. No guilt. We need those Amazon reviews. It's Jav said. This book has been very, very well received. We just released it two weeks ago. It's been a number one best seller and Amazon in business communication, business sales and customer relations. It's super relevant. Thank you or a new help make it happen again. This is a community event and it's the number one best selling book for eight hundred. CEO Read, which exclusively does business books in bolt, for the entire month of April as a number one best seller and it's week of release it was number twenty three overall in barnes and noble and number seventeen overall in hardcover. So really well received. In our names are on the cover, Steve's and mine are, but obviously represents the work of dozens and dozens of people and and act in fact, many of you in the room are included in the book and or we could have shit of what it included you in the book, but editing is going to be a theme here. We could not get everything in there and so this is really a celebration of all of you. And so I don't want to get all oprah on you, but we've we brought yours. We've got one for all of you. Look under your chair. I'm just kidding. It's not out under your chair. They're all outside. They're all outside, beautifully stacked on tables, and one of those is yours. On the way out and so hey, it's a twenty five dollar book. I mean, I saw with these hotel rooms costs. So claps to you. It's just our way of saying thank you and leaving you with something that you can carry forward and maybe pick up on. What you're going to get when you get that book is it's the definitive guide to better business communication. I think you all understand it after spending two and a half days with your...

...friends and peers and with all of us in this community. It's all about the relationships through video movement. You've learned a lot of tactics. Some of those we bucket into marketing through video. This book is exclusively about relationships through video. What is it and what isn't it? Why does this matter? Why does this matter to you? Why does this matter to your clients? Why does this matter to your family? What does matter to your to Your Business Partners and other people that are involved? Why should you participate in it? Who's actually doing it? Again, this is kind of a great room for it because you already get it in many of you are included in the book already. We've taught from your examples. But for the person would never come to this event. They don't know that it exists. They don't know that this is a real opportunity. They don't know that every day they're relying on plane typed out text. That doesn't differentiate them, that doesn't build trust, it doesn't build report and it doesn't communicate nearly as well. So you just look someone in the eye through the Lens, just spoke to them a person to person. That's a book that can serve these people as well. So they want to know who are these people and what are they doing? When are you actually sending video instead of playing typed out text? I think you're going to find some great examples in there. And how do you actually do it? Most of you probably understand how, but how do you put a video in an email? How do you put a video in a text message? How do you put a video in a linkedin message or a facebook message? So we go with go through all that and we have a ton of advanced strategies. So how do you get more email opens? How do you get more link clicks? How do you get more replies and responses? How do you get more people to play the video? We of all of that and follow up strategies what do you do when you send a video email to sixty people, as Jeff Wagner did, he's talking about here. What do you do with all the people who opened it but didn't play the video? Or, let's see, you send a one to one video email. What do you do with that person who open the email, they played the video but they never replied, responded click the link or took you up on the opportunity that you presented to them in that video email? So we have all of that and a look to the future. It's funny Whiley, when they are publisher, was writing about it. They talked about the last chapter of the book and they say they opine on the future of this dynamic movement. I was like, that sounds really good, and then I looked up opine and it's just the verb version of opinion. That is exactly what we did, but, as you know now, how to thrilling. It sounded really like, really cool when I read that. So here are three fundamental truths that re emerged top of mind in the process of working with so many people on the bombomb team and with Steve. I'm getting this thing into your hands against waiting for you outside the room for first one. This one should be a no brainer. Relationships are the whole point. They're the whole point. They are why we are here. We are here to be in relation with other people. One of the reasons some of you chose the business that you're in is that it allows you to connect with other people and allows you to help people or challenge people, or support people or love people, or pet people on the back or give people a kick in the ass when they need it. We are here to be in relationship with other people. were social creatures, were fellow human beings and ultimately, our experience here, no matter what we do, is about being in relationship and being in connection with other people. And so as we went through this process, these are just three quick and easy examples. I could have given you dozens, but they only gave me thirty five minutes and it's a privilege. As we started going down the road of how to write a book and how to publish a book, it immediately became clear that there were all these multiple paths, like the how to write a book had all these forks in the road, and how to publish a book all these forks in the road, like what are we going to do. And so, instead of just taking some guesses and making some bets, I decided to reread books written by people I new personally, reach out to them and say what do you talk to me about? How you wrote and Publish Your Book? And of course all six people I asked said yes, because people love to help each other, we love to share our experience. I is just wonderful. I got so much great advice from these people. I talked with people who self published in people who had publishing deals. I talked with a gentleman who straight uphold himself in a room,...

...wrote for fourteen to sixteen hours a day and got his book written in less than two weeks. I also talked with a guy who said a good friend of mine, an active consultant, who could only just chip away at it each morning. It took him about two years to do. We took a couple two week periods here and there where he could to really knock out some larger pieces of word. So we got this full picture of all these different forks and which ones might be right for us. And you know, Chris Smith, curator so, wrote the conversion code. It's up here on the screen. I sent him a video email one afternoon about nine or ten months ago, and I saw because of course we track everything, I could see him open and see him play the video immediately, and it was with this request. He didn't reply to the email, he didn't text me, he straight up picked up the phone and called me. This is like at Thirty Mountain, which is thirty in Orlando, where he is. He just called me almost instantly and gave me about seventy five minutes of his time. He's self published and been published. Super, super helpful. People want to help. When someone reaches out to you, are you not eager to share your experience and be a value? Of course you are, because it allows us to be in connection with other people, and so these folks were awesome and helpful. Dezen, recognize these real estate mortgage professionals. Good, I'm I'm glad that was a laugh. I'm glad that was a clap, because they were just here with you and they're still here with you. These are just three of about three dozen customers whose examples we share and talk about in the book. The reason these three people are in the book is the same reason these three people are on the stage, which is the same reason that they've been in a blog post or a Webinar or stage presentation or one of our downloadable PDFs is because they get out there, they do it, they try it, they learned, they fail. Rubies a process. She iterated on it multiple times before she got to work. We saw here. But they don't hold these things when they work. They don't hide them and keep them to themselves and say I have a really great strategy and when to keep it all myself. You are your own best differentiator, so why not share what's working with video? And that's what these people do. These people everyone I reached out to to say hey, is it cool if I share your story in a book, because our publisher wanted that kind of level of clearance. They didn't want somebody to be surprised and get angry. I don't know why they would ever think that anyone would, but it's because of the nature of the community that I work in. Of course no one gave me resistance or flak. Of course everyone was super excited. Of course they shared this with their family and friends, because that's the type of community that we have all built together. This is your community. You might recognize two or three of these gentlemen. There are three of ten people who are kind enough to review advanced copies of the book and Say Really Nice things about them. We want a little bit traditional here, getting nice words on the on the back of the jacket and inside the front cover of the book. We went that route in and so several bombomb team members. No Tom faery personally, he's a text messager or phone call away, number one real estate coach. He was very helpful instantly. What can I do? How can I help? When can I buy them? No, no, dude, we just need you to look at this advanced copy and say something Nice about it. Right. It is amazing. Adam CONTOS. Darren Dawson has been building that relationship with him because they just got along famously from the get go. Years ago when he was running franchise sales, he was in charge of a team of people that was responsible for generating remax franchises and five or six promotions later he's the CEO of the company and he's a personal friend of many people on the team. But it's because of all that time that's invested along the way sincere relationship, and so when it comes time to say hey, would are you interested in participating an email or a phone call away Daniel Pink to raise your hand if you're familiar with Daniel Pink in his work. Okay, cool, not as many as I thought, not as impressive as I thought. He's a number one best selling author. He's written about a half dozen Number One New York Times, Wall Street Journal Washington Post Best Sellers. Drive, which is the science of motivation and what motivates us when is his newer book, the Science of perfect timing. And the book that we leaned on was to sell is human, which makes the argument that literally all of us are in sales.

Everyone's room is pretty much in sales, but other people outside this community don't necessarily see themselves in sales, even though every single one of us is. So we go way, way back Dan pink and I you know, we don't. I didn't know him at all and he didn't know me, but I reached out to him. It's going to blow your mind with a video email and but it was awesome. Subject Line on page one hundred seventy eight up, to sell is human dot dot dot. What authors not going to open that right? And then when he opens it up, of course we present a nice little animated preview and I have written on a Whiteboard I quote him and his argument for why video is such a great tool, and it's because it blends the efficiency of electronic communication. Right. We like to live in these digital channels because it's quick and easy, but it blends it with the warmth of your face and voice and personality. So we love his ideas, we love his arguments. He advocates for video. Why not reach out to him see if he would engage on it? It was kind of a long shot. I guarantee you one hundred percent, hundred percent, that the reason he engaged on this, because I guarantee he also gets many unsolicited manuscripts and hopes of getting someone who's done this a half dozen times at the highest level, two helps to help them do it. I reached out with a sincere personal deal. I didn't blindly reach out to a bunch of best selling authors to say hey and I throw a bunch of lines in the water and hoping something would go I said Hey, man, I love your work, I saw you speak two years ago. I read to sell his human three times. In fact. Steve and I lean on it multiple times in this book that we just wrote here the reasons we did that. And by the way, you lean down, video in there. That's what this is all about, and so I guarantee that is exactly why he engaged targeted personal he felt a little bit like he knew me. Even if he didn't like me, he at least felt some sense of social reciprocity. Like this guy's pretty sincere. He means it. And so when we reach out to people with video, it can and build relationship even where there was not one to start, and it's a zillion times better than play typed out text. Now you if you remember steeves presentation yesterday. This is from our visit to eight hundred CEO. Read again. These folks have been specializing in bolt purchasing a business books exclusively for thirty five years. They are experts and what they do. In a way they're kind of an anti Amazon. So that, gentleman, are and behind the stack of books there he was an email signature to me. We'd, may be, spoken on the phone once, super responsive and professional, but we didn't know him, and so we made commitments to sign about one hundred copies of the book. Steve and I did and and in fact, all your book waiting for you outside is signed by both Steve and me. And sure, and and. So we knew that that was going to happen. So we reach out to Aaron, like Aaron Man. We got to sign like an one hundred copies of the book. He said okay. I said, how do we do that? He said, well, what we typically do is we ship them to you, you open them all up, sign them all, box them up and ship them back. It's like that, because sounds not sounds kind of stupid. So I talked to Steve Two seconds later. We like not, that's we're not going to do that. We're not going to ship the books, we're going to ship ourselves. We're going to spend the day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at eight hundred CEO read this guy's going to be a business partner with us for years. Just down this book alone. If we decide to write another one, which we are talking about bits years away, don't pressure me. These the they're awesome people and and they do exactly what we need done it and they do a great job of their business partners of ours. Why not, for almost the same cost, much faster, just show up in person and spend some time. So it took us about a half day to sign all those books and during that time we got to know Aaron Really, really well. We talked about music, we talked about sports, we talked about food, we talked about beer, we talked about books, we talked about business, we talked about business books, we talked. There's a Lo lot of books to signs. We did a lot of talking and and they're CEO came in.

She was amazing, superpersonal, so happy to have us there. Is Steve mentioned yesterday. We were like the third author ever to do it this way, even though it was instinctively what we knew was right. Like why would we pay all the money to ship these books back and forth and we can just get on a plane and go hang out in the rocky? It was so much better and the CEO gave us a great lunch recommendation that we would have completely missed had we not spent fifteen, twenty minutes with her. So of course we shot her a video outside that restaurant. That videos to date has been played twenty two times. It was a one too one video email. I guarantee she shared it with the whole company. Who Do you think they're going to invite to their next party? Steve, he's so much handsomer than I am. So, by the way, these boxes, no joke on this one. So these boxes. Each box has twenty books in it. We decided to do something fun here. I'm going to get Oprah on you this morning at thirty, while you're at starbucks or sleeping or the gym or watching the snow out your window, I was down here. I taped five of these. They look just like this. They're under five cheers in this room right now, so feel free to look directly under your chair. There's one right there. Congratulations, and if your neighbor has left, congratulations, you can claim his or her box of books. Just connect with me afterward or I have two email addresses on there. Connect with me in person or reach out to that email address. Next week we will send you a box of books. Sure, so that this message is super important and we want to get it out there. We know that you understand the message. So those books are for your team or your clients. It's super appropriate to almost anyone working in a professional capacity. Check out this bootleg standing desk. This is bootleg. That that's a that's a step stool, that's an exercise step, that's a stack of cookbooks that is boot like and it's on an old fashioned TV stand. If you read the first chapter of the book, you know how important it would be for me to go live and work for my dad's house for a month build this bootleg standing desk, because I really like standing while I work. If you read the first chapter, and when you read the first chapter, you know how important it was for me to spend that month with him. You'll understand why I got zero resistance and in fact a lot of encouragement and support from my team members in going away and spending a month there. And my did seventy six he still works every day, leaves least to work at thirty in the morning. Is a child psychiatrist. So I would get up at five every day, hang out with him for a half hour, drink coffee, make a green drink for later in the day and see him off to work and then I would just go to this bootleg standing desk and right for about two hours and then I go outside for a run, take a quick shower and then I would meet up with Steve by zoom. He's outside Philadelphia. My Dad lives in Michigan and the really unique dynamic here is that typically I'm two hours behind Steve. So sometimes I'll show up at the office at six thirty or seven, which is eight thirty or nine his time, and we'll do like an early meeting before the rest of the office kind of gets going. But here on this trip, we had a different working dynamic, a deeper like we've worked together for years. We work together great, like it was a no brain or two to to Co author this book together. And but this brought a different dynamic because we're able to co work side by side in real time for two or two and a half hour hours a day while the rest of the office was still kind of getting itself together back in Colorado. So so many moments along this journey were unique to me and special to me and and reminded me that relationships are the whole point. So here's the takeaway on point. In one of three your success is enabled. Your real success, your true success, those moments in your life that make a difference are, in our made possible when you unlock the opportunity to work with, through and for other people. Is that true? It's completely true and it's so easy to lose sight of that's why I made it one of my three points. Relationships are the whole...

...point. Number two, you cannot edit what is not written. You cannot take the second step until you take the first step. You cannot optimize a process that is not running. You cannot improve something that does not exist. You cannot edit what is not written. So those things that you're sitting on could a shit of wood up. You need to start those things and they're not going to be perfect out of the gate. Check this out. That's a super legit standing death set. is so real. Look at that man, so tidy. That is, if you're wondering, that is in the corner of my kitchen in my one thousand nine hundred and fifty two brick and stucco ranch in Colorado Springs, about two miles south of the office, which is in downtown Colorado Springs. If you were to list this home for sale, you would use the adjecude cozy and everyone would know exactly what you meant. So in the cozy corner in my kitchen, at the super legit standing desk, Steve and I continue to work together. This where the final third of the book was written and you can't edit what isn't written. Was a mantra throughout the whole process. So we had a table of contents. Then we hung in some ideas and, example, set a really rich outline and then I would just write out right, right, right, right, right, right, right, and Steve is right on my heels, like what about this story? Check out this example, check out click this link and check out the story. We could lean on those statistics. What about this? What about that? How about we flip those things? And it was this constant give and take, but he had nothing to react to until I was able to hack it all in. Some of it was good on the first pass, not perfect but good, and some of it was terrible. That's why these gentlemen were showing their first videos, to let you know that the first pass ain't it. There's no reason to expect it. It's going to be it, and when you can have other people work with you on it, it's even better. We turned and tried to turn in a Seventyzero Word Manuscript and our editor at Wiley, Richard Namos, like h sixtyzero words Max. That was sem editing, like going through to rip out tenzero words. But it's funny if you remember Steve's presentation yesterday talking about the the sales process as well as photography. You want to strip as much away as possible until the subject is seen as clearly in in the exact context that you wanted to be in. This book is way better for having ripped out those tenzero words. Here's another one. Our design team is awesome at bombomb. They're responsible for all the gorgeous branding on this event, the event website. They also a regret sing or did the cover of the book and this was the original illustration. We put forth a proposal to try to get a publishing deal. We had the title relationships through video and this was the illustration that went with it. And on the call with our editor he had an assistant editor that he was on boarding, a like a late twenty something young lady, and her question relationships through video this image. So there's a book about online dating and I'm like, okay, back to the drawing board. Literally, that's not what it's about. So here was an interim version of the cover. Graphic right, a little bit different. You notice some changes there, and it ultimately turned into this you'll notice three changes in particular. One, that kind of Fussy playbar and record button and play button detail is now gone. It's much cleaner. In addition, the two people are now truly connected in conversation through a giant play button which evokes video and the relationship through video. Without saying it, of course, we change the title as well. And then, third, you'll notice that these people are clearly business people. The button is now a tie on the gentleman and the blouse collar is now a jacket collar on what is probably a woman or a man with some really cool hair. And and so, together with a revised title and subtitle, you have a book that's clearly a business book about video, right. And so there's no reason to expect that the first thing we would put forth would be perfect. Right. So why do we do it to ourselves? It doesn't make any sense. We need to work these processes out. Here's one of the reasons why that happens. We get tied up in all the things...

...that are urgent and important. The things that are urgent and important you have to do right now. Phone rings or Text Message Lights Up, client situation on fire, deal with it immediately, right, but we also have things that we're dealing with that are urgent but not so important, but we can maybe treat them as if they are. We need to be very intentional about what we're doing and what we're not doing, to create the ways to start and try new things and to improve the things that we've already brought to life. So these are the things that we might punt or, better yet, assigned to somebody else to take care of. This is my favorite quadrant. Not urge, it not important. Why are you doing it or why are you doing it outside your leisure time? You need to be real honest with yourself about what these things are and what you should be doing and not doing. And then, finally, no one was begging for a book. I hope you're glad that it's here, but no one was saying, yeah, I like the software, I like the training, I like the Webinar, I like my support person. Man, I can't wait to read a book about this. Right, important, though, super important. This is going to be so good for the community and for the movement, but no one was begging for it to the same thing with like no one is begging for you your new Youtube playlist. Is it important to get it up there. It's super important to careen car. That's why she got after and the results bringer back and back and back again to building out a youtube channel. These things that you're sitting on. You need to be really clear about yourself what is truly important and make the time to make it happen. So a couple Summarieson, you can't edit what isn't written. You have to start before you can iterate. You're not going to be perfect the first time. That should be obvious. One of the reasons we don't start is that it seems intimidating. Man Sixtyzero word, two hundred fifty page book. I don't know about all that. It's not a Sixtyzero word book. It wasn't a Seventyzero word manuscript. It was about twenty, thirty five hundred word pieces that, by this sign, come together and do a coherent hole. So if you can take something that looks really big and hard and just kind of chip away at it, break it into four pieces, break it into eight pieces, break those eight pieces into eight more pieces, all of a sudden becomes immediately manageable. This one I love. This is another thing that it was echoed at the conference here. Tell people and make it public. So I knew. I knew this book needed to be written. I knew I was going to do it. So I just started doing it. Between five and six in the morning most mornings. Of course my wife's wondering what are you doing, and so I start talking to her about it. My wife, Megan, who's just so loving and supportive and kind in all things, told me two important things. This is something you can do and this is something you should do. That was really encouraging to me. And of course, as I started spending the better part of a Saturday or a Sunday writing, my son was wondering what was going on, fifteen year old son Owen, and when I told him what I was doing, he was super proud. He's like book, You mean author? Looks really cool. He's a reader. He's super jacked about it. Like that was motivating. And then, you know, five, six, seven, eight, thousand words in, I start talking to Steve about it, and Steve he got really excited really quickly. And I don't know how many of you know Steve Well, but when Steve gets excited, the eighteen people anywhere in arms reach or a ten foot pole are going to be jacked. So Steve Gets everyone else excited about it. So the executive team gets on board, we start harnessing the resources we're going to need to pull off this project at the scale and on the timeline that we wanted to. When you tell people and you make it public, you're going to get solicited and unsolicit in support. People love to be of value in service, just as you love to be a value in service, and so the more you can tell people, the more accountability in the more support and momentum you're going to get along the way. At some point in this process the thing was just rolling downhill and it was just happening. It wasn't really even an effort anymore. That's a lie. I was really freaking hard. Last one here make a deadline. So in this dynamic where you know something is important but it is not urgent, one way to create some urgency is to make a deadline. That's it. He make the deadline and you honor it. Our editor said, if you can give me a manuscript by...

Thanksgiving, I will give you finished books by the end of April. How does that sound? We said that sounds amazing. We're doing our first ever live event in Denver in May. It would be great to have it there, and so we honored the deadline. And here we are again, stack of books waiting for you outside, tapping it. Last one here, tapping to the power of yet Steve Never said to himself I'm not an Amazon, Barnes and noble and eight hundred CEO read best selling author. He said, I'm not a best selling author. Yet. I didn't say I've never written a book. Gosh, I can't do that. I've never written a book. I haven't written a book yet. This is simple growth mindset stuff, right. So if you're saying I'm not the kind of person who sends a video to my database, yet right, it's that simple. And you start entertaining the possibilities, you're in complete control. I know this is your room of entrepreneurs. You're in complete control of what you do and what you don't do. In everything that you want to make possible can be done. It just hasn't been done yet. Last one, you are a pioneer. DENVER, Colorado, where you are right now, founded in one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight, named after James W Denver he was the territorial governor of the Kansas territory. Interestingly, the Kansas territory is what is now Colorado. And about a decade after this town was founded the population exploded. It blew up from five thousand to thirty five thousand people in less than a year's time, and it is because there were rumors of gold and silver in the hills and mountains west of here. FLASH FORWARD A hundred, fifty years. Here we are today, city of about three million people. Median home price in the Metro area about four hundred k. In the city single how a single family house five hundred K median. Though most of the golden silver has been mined, oil and gas remain, aerospace and defense, software and technology, travel and tourism. So many rich and vibrant industries operating in this city. At top twenty. US City, really dynamic place. Companies that are coastal are building headquarters here just to create that that ability to get back and forth and to build in a place that people want to be really really exciting place, really nicely developed, a lot more expensive than it was even a decade ago. So in a room like this, if you're one of those people it's kind of just getting going with video, or started a little bit, but don't really have any habits in a room like this, on breaks and on stages and you're watching speakers and talking to each other. It's really easy for you to feel like you were in Denver may two thousand and nineteen, and literally you are, but I'm not speaking literally right now. It's easy to feel like you're in Denver may two thousand and nineteen in this video movement, but you are not. You are in Denver One thousand eight hundred and seventy when the population exploded. When I started a bomb in two thousand and eleven, we had a couple few hundred customers. Now we have forty five thousand in dozens of countries around the world, and so that initial population boom is begun. But do not make a mistake. You're a pioneer and this is Denver eight hundred and seventy. There are millions of people on the way behind you and as we look at the way we're doing video today, which is the attraction of gold and silver, it is going to become much more diverse, much more interesting, much more rich, and you have all those opportunities available to you. So do not feel like you are behind this thing. This is just getting going and this movement belongs to you. These are all awesome people who ordered the book. They shared the book, they're excited about the book. If you when you get your copy in the back, if you want to shoot and share it, awesome. At mentioned me, at mentioned Steve, at mentioned bombomb Hashtag rehumanized. We want to celebrate you as a pioneer. We want you to help lead the way for other people. That is our responsibility, for people who know there is a better way. We do not hoard it, we share it and we talk about it. This is your book. These are some of the illustrations. Again,...

...are the whole thing. Is a beautiful branded experience, from covert cover through the page and section breaks to the illustrations to really a really cool, fun brand experiences. Are Smart Designs. That's Nancy and Ruby and Michael and Steve and can just a handful of people who are illustrated in the book. I hope that one day, about ten, twenty years from now, we look back at these. Of course is printed in black and white, so it already lends itself to this kind of mentality. which is how I got there. You know how you go to a theme park and you can get those ten time photos where you and your family dress up with like a musket and some of these other things, like the real frontier type stuff. I hope we look back in ten or twenty years and we look at these illustrations and we look at the examples and we look at where we all were together in two thousand and nineteen and really feel like tin time photos, like we've come so far, and we will, but only if we do it together. This is your community, this is your book, this is your philosophy, this is your practice. You've been in this room the past two and a half days and felt like these are my people, these are your people, this is what we do, this is how we work, and we do it together right like bombomb is enabling this. We give you software to do it. We create an event like this to bring it together. We published stuff. We have a louder voice than a lot of individual people in the room just in the way that we work, in this scope that we're working. So we help facilitate it, we curate it, we celebrate stories and all of that, but this is yours and you need to live at the the worst thing that could happen here, Jason Just said it. The worst thing that could happen is you buy your ticket to Rehumanize, you get on a plane, you come to Denver, you get a hotel room, you hang out for two and a half days, you have a bunch of notes, you have photo I saw a bunch of people shooting photos of the screen. You have all the stuff and you go home and you're like man, I was awesome and you don't do anything. You need to live this. You need to send the easiest thing you can do is pick two people out of social media, out of your phone, out of your database, and just say hi, or I've been thinking about your how's it going? Or congratulations to timmy captain in the soccer team. And I do want to end with one caution here. It's the paradox of vulnerability. We lean down a number of awesome authors and researchers and thought leaders. One of them was Brunet browns. I'm going to use her definition of vulnerability, which is the feeling you experience in times of risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure. Risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure think about all the best times in your life, the time you decided to open up your own business and and just do it, or the time you got your first deal done, or when you proposed marriage or accepted a proposal for marriage or found out you were pregnant or had your first wild or you made the team where you set a personal best, all of the best moments in your life one hundred percent risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure. That's what our lives are. We put our names on the front of a book and got the whole team behind it, hours and hours from dozens of bombomb team members, thousands of dollars. What if it flopped and my name's on the front of it or Steve's names on the front of it, I get to at least share that burden, right. What if nobody buys it? Were worse, what if everybody buys it and they hate it? What if the ideas aren't very good? What if they're not that original? What if they don't resonate with people? What if nobody talks about it? What if no one leaves an Amazon Review? Seriously, you should leave an Amazon review. It's a big deal and it'd be really helpful. Have you had thoughts like this about something you've thought about doing or been in the middle of? Of course you have, because all the best stuff comes when you unlock it by being who you are and being comfortable in those vulnerable moments.

I know it sounds a little bit soft, but as it is in life, so it is in video. Michael said it this morning. Many, many other people said it today to Michael Says I've got thousands and thousands of dollars of video equipment. I built multiple studios, I got all these lights and all the stuff. But if you were to pry one piece of equipment from my cold dead hand, because that'd be the only way you would get it, it's my iphone. You've heard from other people on the stage. I do video here, I do video there. I did this series, did that series. Got A zillion views here, I got eighteenzero subscribers here. But the videos that come through the best are my simplest ones. When you strip away production, you strip away all that text, by the way. Don't some of these social networks look like they're designed for people learning English as a second language? Words flying all over the screen length. You Strip all that stuff away. You Strip away the production, is just you and the camera and the person that the video is for, so that you can be seen and heard and felt and understood and so that you, especially in a wonder one context, you can let that other person in your life know, whether they're excited or concerned or confused or anxious or nervous or sad or whatever they're feeling, that you can reach out and connect with them and say, I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I understand you and we're in this together, because that is what all of this is about. So we wrote a book about it in a business context. We created an event. You brought this event to life. It is an absolute privilege to share this with you. We sincerely appreciate being here. We sincerely appreciate you helping carry this torch forward. Is Up to all of us to let people know that there is a better way, there's a better way to work, there's a better way to live, and it's in connection with each other. Thank you. There is a better way to live and work. If you're interested in pursuing it, you can learn more about the book at Bombombcom Book. That's just the word bomb twice. Bomb Bombcom forwards book. They're also links there for various places to order the book, if you're interested in doing that again. It's the complete what, why, who, when, how and advanced strategies of using simple personal videos to connect with your customers more effectively and to connect with the people who matter most to your business. If you have any questions about the book, the PODCAST, that presentation or anything else, I welcome your communication. Email me Ethan etch an at Bombombcom. Thanks for listening. You're listening to the customer experience podcast. No matter your role in delivering value and serving customers, you're entrusting some of your most important and valuable messages to faceless digital communication. You can do better. Rehumanize the experience by getting facetoface through simple personal videos. Learn more and get started free at Bombombcom. You've been listening to the customer experience podcast. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player or visit bombombcom. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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