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The Customer Experience Podcast

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27. 4 Emerging CX Themes on The Customer Experience Podcast w/ Ethan Beute


If you’re a follower of The Customer Experience Podcast, you may have started to notice a handful of common themes surfacing.

Themes - of course - that have to do with providing great customer experience.

Plus, themes that also transcend the business world.

Host Ethan Beute expounds on the 4 major themes we’ve uncovered on The CX Podcast. This episode covers brand experience, the relationship between humans and tech, and more.

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding and thenequipping and training and developing and investing in our employees is an investment in ourcustomers. Ultimately, the single most important thing you can do today is tocreate and deliver a better experience for your customers. Learn how sales, marketingand customer success experts create internal alignment, achieved desired outcomes and exceed customer expectationsin a personal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here'syour host, Ethan Butte. Welcome back to the customer experience podcast. Myname is Ethan, but I am your host and in this short episode we'regoing to run through four consistent themes that have emerged in all of the customerexperience conversations we've had so far. Every week we release a new conversation withfounders and executives or sales, marketing and...

...customer success professionals, all with onegoal figuring out how the best in the business are creating and delivering better experiencesfor their customers today. It's the single most important thing we can do asindividuals, teams and as organizations. It's our most important job, and yetwhen you walk it out, you start to see immediately that the customer experienceis made up of every touch point with our company, with our people,with our product, with our service, with our website, with our mobileAPP, with our collateral, with any direct mail we might be doing,with our trade show booth, in the representatives that are staffing the booth.All of these pieces add up to an experience, to the thoughts and feelingsthat were left with that roll up into the stories that customers may tell,positive or negative, about us and their experience with us. We've released morethan two dozen episodes with so many great guests, so many that I'm notgoing to try to name them all.

You can see them by checking outthe customer experience podcast in Itunes or apple podcasts, in Google podcasts or Googleplay in spotify, or you can check them all out in our blog atbombombcom forward slash podcast. When you listen to a handful of episodes, you'regoing to recognize one or more of these themes. And the first one isthe relationship between brand and customer experience, and I've already alluded to it.I've had a couple branding experts on and folks in a variety of positions talkabout this relationship. At this point, I'm of the mind that the twocan be used synonymously. Brand experience and customer experience are basically the same becausethey're both the responsibility of every single team member and they're both made up ofthe thoughts and the feelings that roll into stories that people tell about us.They roll up into online reviews and word of mouth, but they're based inall of our interactions and the thoughts and...

...the feelings that result from those.The second big idea is the relationship between customer experience and employee experience. Ihad that conversation with a number of people, but the two that come to minorepisode fourteen with Samantha Stone and episode Seventeen with Jonathan Bolton. In addition, as a guest host of the B Tob Growth Show, I did anepisode myself on the service profit chain that proves out the causal links from employeeexperience to customer experience and ultimately to retention and Revenue Growth. If you visitbombombcom forward slash podcast, I'll be sure to add a link into the blogpost to that episode on the B Tob Growth Show. I'll also add alink to a great right up in Harvard Business Review about that topic. Thequick take is that recruiting, hiring and on boarding and then equipping and trainingand developing and investing in our employees is... investment in our customers. Ultimately, that a positive employee experience has the natural outcome of a great customer experienceas well. So as you listen to the podcast, you'll hear, ofcourse, of how customer experience but you'll also hear about employee experience and howto improve that and the relationship between x and x. The third theme isthe relationship between the human and technology. When do we make human touches andwhen do we make tech touches? Are we over automated and if so,where? Where are the lines between automation and artificial intelligence and machine learning?When do we personalize with automatically slugged in variable data, and when do weget truly personal with something like a one to one video? We talk aboutthis theme between the human and the machine in a marketing context, in asales context and, of course, in a CS context as well, andI've had that conversation with a number of guests. It naturally emerges. It'svery important not just in business culture but...

...also in popular culture at large,and so as you listen to the customer experience podcast, this is one ofthe themes that runs through many of the conversations we're having. The fourth andfinal theme here is a big one. It transcends customer experience but has asignificant impact on it, and this is a change that's happened over the pasttwenty years or so. Company control over expectations and choices and channels of communication, all of that control has shifted away from the company toward the customer.The customer now dictates all of these things, and that's why customer experience remains oneof our last and best differentiators. Several guests have spoken to this theme, most recently Brian Gilman, a vantage on episode twenty five. Prior tothat, David cancel. That was a major theme in Episode Nineteen. He'sthe founder and CEO of drift and this...

...shift was a theme throughout that entireepisode. But the conversation started here on the podcast back in episode four withJoseph Jaffee, who recently released built to suck, the demise of the corporationand how to save it. Really Great Book and one that really illustrates theshift toward customer control. There is so much here for you. I hopeyou're enjoying it. I know I do. Now the podcast format is an interestingone. You put these episodes out and you're not quite sure who's listening. Unlike so many other channels, there's not a lot of feedback here,so please reach out. Email me, Ethan etch N at Bombombcom. That'sjust the word bomb twice. Ethan etch A N at Bomb Bombcom, orhit me up on Linkedin. You can find me as Ethan. Viewed again, etch an bee ute. I'd love to connect with you. Who Areyou? What are you do every day? What a success look like? Whatgeneral feedback do you have a about...

...the customer experience podcast? If youhave a favorite episode, is there something you'd like to see more or lessof? I would love to hear from you. I hope you've been enjoyingthe podcast as much as I have. If you're not yet subscribed, pleasedo so in your favorite player and if you'd like to see video clips andget overviews of these episodes again, you can scroll through all of them.It's all there for you when you visit bombombcom. PODCAST. Thanks again forlistening. Clear Communication, human connection, higher conversion. These are just someof the benefits of adding video to the messages you're sending every day. It'seasy to do with just a little guidance, so pick up the official book rehumanizeYour Business. How personal videos accelerate sales and improve customer experience. Learnmore in order today at Bombombcom Book. That's bomb bombcom book. Thanks forlistening to the customer experience podcast. Remember,...

...the single most important thing you cando today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers.Continue Learning the latest strategies and tactics by subscribing right now in your favorite podcastplayer, or visit Bombombcom podcast.

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