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The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode · 1 month ago

223. A Case for Loving the Process, Not Just the Result w/ Shane Kidwell


An Executive Vice President of Sales, the owner of an apartment syndication business, the owner of co-working spaces, the CEO at an insurance company, a business and sales production coach, a top 1% mortgage originator, and a firefighter … literally. 


Today’s guest has been all of these things and more. And most of them right now - all at the same time. 

Hear our conversation with Shane Kidwell, Executive Vice President of Sales at Victorian Finance:  

  • Why we need to fall in love with being excellent at our jobs
  • How to set effective expectations with your clients 
  • What the main differences are between assumptions and agreements
  • Where Shane’s strengths lie in all of his businesses
  • How the mortgage business has evolved since its implosion in 2008  

More information about Shane Kidwell and today’s topics:

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