The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 127 · 3 months ago

127. 3 CX Strategies for CROs w/ Darryl Praill


As a CRO, how do you change the culture of your org so that customer experience is everyone’s responsibility?

In this episode, I interview Darryl Praill, CRO at Vanilla Soft, about how he distributes the ownership of customer experience across the whole org by dissolving barriers between teams.

Darryl talked with me about:

- What a matrix organization is

- How colleagues are influenced by how they are compensated

- 3 ways to create a culture of empathy

- How marketing leaders can develop their personal brand

- The role of video in customer experience

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Neewer Photo and Video

- Darryl on Twitter

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