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43. 3 Ways To Win With The SaaS Sales Method w/ Ethan Beute


Everyone in your organization should be selling. 

All the time.

At least, that’s what I learned from Jacco vanderKooij, the founder and CEO of Winning By Design. And, I’d have to say I whole-heartedly agree with him.

On this episode, I talk about:

  • The best ways to differentiate your brand
  • The anti-silo approach
  • Creating scalable processes
  • Delivering impact on a constant basis

Resources I mention:

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We need to constantly be delivering impactand evolving and expanding the impact that we're providing for our customers. The singlemost important thing you can do today is to create and deliver a better experiencefor your customers. Learn how sales, marketing and customer success experts create internalalignment, achieved desired outcomes and exceed customer expectations in a personal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here's your host, Ethan Butte.Hey, because you're listening to this show. I know that you already understand howimportant the customer experience is and you probably understand that it's made up ofevery single touch point that a customer or future customer might have with any ofyour people, any of your collateral, your website, all of these variousplaces they can interact with you, and the customer experience is comprised of thethoughts, feelings in stories that they're left...

...with after those interactions. So weneed to work together throughout the entire organization, from sales to marketing, to seeus from the front desk to the sea suite, to do this inaligned intentional and holistic way. It's the best way to differentiate our businesses andit's the best way to grow our businesses. My name is Ethan Butte. Ihost the customer experience podcast and I cohost the B tob growth show.Specifically, I host the CX series on the show and in this short episodeI'm going to offer to you a very valuable resource that I recently came intouch with. So recently I went to New York City with one of ourcofounders at bombomb Darren Dawson, who, by the way, is a previousguest here on the show and the gentleman I've had the privilege of working longerwith than any other professional in my entire career. So we headed to NewYork to the unleashed summit series from outreach, awesome company. We have a greatsoftware integration with them. Really sharp..., great product growing very quickly, good people. So we went to their event and they offered an executivebreakfast. Now, Darren and I didn't really know what that breakfast was goingto be about, but hey, it's breakfast and it's probably going to befun and interesting and educational. Will probably meet a couple cool people. Allof that happened. But when we got there we realized it was one ofthose kind of soft edge you sales pitches and, interestingly, I could nothave been any happier about it. Typically, when you get into these experiences yousay, Oh, I see what's coming. In this case, thehost of the breakfast opened it up by fielding fifteen or twenty minutes of questionsto provide value, demonstrates expertise and to get emotional and cognitive buying from thethirty or so people in the room, and he did a masterful job ofit. This guy's name is Jacko Vander Koi. He's with winning by design. They consult SASS companies like ours and are advancing an evolution of the salesand CS process called the SASS sales method.

So what I'm going to do hereis share a few key points and then send you off, maybe toorder a book or check out their Youtube Channel, which, of course,is absolutely free and loaded with value. Now, if you've seen Jacko presentbefore, you've probably recognized if he's got a very distinct style of presentation.I find it engaging, but even if you don't, you have to valuethe content it's so good. Who is it relevant to? In their ownwords, as anyone who works with customers. I'm going to quote them from oneof the books that I've read. Everyone in the organization must sell allthe time. They must work to uncover and realize more business impact for thecustomer all the time. So every employee, all the time for the benefit ofthe customer. Sounds a lot like customer experience to me. Another quote. The SASS sales method offers a new, uniform methodology for all customer facing rolesin businesses with a recurring revenue model.

Of course, we know the recurringrevenue model is far beyond Sas so many business models are going recurring.So even if you're not in a software company, this applies to you andfor those customer facing roles, they include, but are not limited to marketing,prospecting, selling, customer success and account management. The approach is veryanti silo and I see this as foundational to my view of customer experience.One of the reasons I host the show and enjoy it so much is thatI'm looking to create that alignment, learn how other people are doing it wellso we can tear down those silos a little bit and work more cross functionally, all for the benefit of the customer. So this information is relevant to anyonewho works with customers. What's the goal of this method? It is, in their words, to standardize the entire customer facing relationship. It's allabout process rather than people. As we scale our businesses, the problems thatwe tend to face are almost always process...

...based and we typically rely on superstars. People take bail us out of them. Leaning on superstars is awesome, butwhat it does is allow us to delay the refinement of our processes,and our processes must be repeatable and data driven. We have to spend timestandardizing and, again, in their words, the entire customer facing relationship so thatwhat we're doing at smaller, medium scale is going to be very costeffective at large scale. These processes can't be built soon enough and we cannotrely exclusively on people to be successful, especially at scale. Finally, what'sthe challenge here? It's constantly showing the impact of the solution we provide ina way that is coordinated and ongoing. We need to constantly be delivering impactand evolving and expanding the impact that we're providing for our customers. Says,of course, changes the revenue relationship. Most of the revenue and actually mostof the profitability is going to come after...

...the commitment to our company from thebuy your side, right. It used to be that you'd sell the productand you sold it at a margin such that it was immediately profitable. Soyou take that revenue and take that profit. Recurring revenue relationships put a lot ofthe revenue that we're going to collect and ultimately the profitability on the backsideof that commitment. Right. So we're creating awareness, we're educating, we'rehelping people select us and then they're making that commitment. Back in the day, that commitment, or the close, was what business was all about here. That's just the first big hurdle in an ongoing relationship. Retention, Crosssell, upsell, expansion. This is where the relationship becomes profitable, especiallywhen you factor in not just the cost of acquisition but also the cost toserve. So what do they mean by impact? Impact is usage, itsvalue. It's ultimately return on the buyers...

...investment in your product or service.We need to constantly show the impact in a coordinated and ongoing way. Weneed to find the moments that matter to the customer, identify those and overdeliverin those moments. So those are just a few really high level takeaways frommy initial engagement with this content. There are a number of books and evenplay books I highly recommend starting with sales as a science. If you justGoogle winning by design or Jacko Vander Koi, you're going to find these books.If you want to know cost, no risk, way to get involvedimmediately. They have a really powerful youtube channel. You're going to find atleast one or two playlist there that you're going to find value in. Theyupdate every single week. Just search winning by design and Youtube or check outwinning by designcom. Of course, I'm not paid to say any of this. I just had a great experience on the spot with those folks. Imet several of their team members, checked...

...out some of the youtube videos,read a couple of the books and found it really, really valuable. Inthis ongoing and evolving customer experience conversation, how do we create alignment, beintentional and take a holistic approach to creating and delivering better experiences for our customers? That's what this podcast is all about. I would love for you to subscribe. Just search the customer experience podcast in your favorite podcast player. Ifyou have the time, patients and inclination, I'd love for you to give ita rating or even a review. My name is Ethan Butte. Youcan hit me up on Linkedin. I welcome the connection and I thank youso much for listening. Clear Communication, human connection, higher conversion. Theseare just some of the benefits of adding video to the messages you're sending everyday. It's easy to do with just a little guidance, so pick upthe official book. Rehumanize Your Business. How personal videos accelerate sales and improvecustomer experience. Learn more in order today at Bombombcom Book. That's bomb bombcombook. Thanks for listening to the customer...

...experience podcast. Remember, the singlemost important thing you can do today is to create and deliver a better experiencefor your customers. Continue Learning the latest strategies and tactics by subscribing right nowin your favorite podcast player, or visit Bombombcom podcast.

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