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The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode · 2 years ago

53. Sales Advice To Lead, Coach, and Align Your Team w/ Dave Kennet


A great employee experience begets a great customer experience. If you want to retain your best team members, you need to value them and invest in them. Today, we’re talking about investments in your sales team - training, coaching, and development. These are things that both make them better and demonstrate how you’re building them up. Did you know that 30% of sales reps get no coaching whatsoever? What does that say about their value in their company? (Exactly.)

I’m so pumped to bring Dave Kennett to the Customer Experience Podcast because he’s so on point with the importance of demonstrating value to sales reps through coaching. Dave Kennett, founder, and CEO of Replayz, also served as VP or Director of Sales, as well as VP or Director of Business Development,m in a variety of organizations in a nearly 20-year career so far.

What we talked about:

  • Doing the spadework before the last day of the quarter
  • Mentors are better than books
  • 30% of sales reps aren’t being coached at all
  • You’re going to be kicking yourself in a couple of years if you don’t start using video now

Check out these resources Dave made just for The Customer Experience Podcast listeners:

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