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The Customer Experience Podcast

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57. Customer Obsession As Your Key Differentiator w/ Ned Arick


Experience differentiators were the subject of a recent LinkedIn post that grabbed my attention for the way it spoke to the heart of this podcast… aligning to invest in creating and delivering better experiences for our customers. I asked its author to be a guest on my podcast to hear more about his experience in operations, account management, biz dev, and sales roles.

I was so excited to interview Ned Arick, Account Executive at YourWelcome, after connecting with him because of his LinkedIn content.

Keep listening or reading below as Ned dives into what it really means to rewrite the narrative and how he keeps it real on his LinkedIn. The insights he shares will apply to everyone who wants to build relationships and keep the customer experience holistic. 

What we talked about:

  • Becoming “the educator” and not just the trusted advisor
  • What his 12-year-old cousin has to do with hyper-competition
  • How to actually rewrite the narrative
  • What LinkedIn has done for Ned’s reputation (hint: it’s good)
  • Ned’s testimonial about the humanizing power of video

Check out these 2 posts of Ned’s we mentioned during the podcast:

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In Two thousand and twenty, thebusinesses that are going to succeed are the ones that are absolutely obstetwith what their product does for the people that use their product. The single most important thing you cando today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers,learn how sales marketing and customer success experts create internalalignment, achieve desired outcomes and exceed customer expectations in apersonal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here'syour host eaten beaute experience, differentiators. That was asubject of a recent Linkedin Post that immediately grabe my attention for theway it spoke to the heart of this podcast aligning across ourorganization to invest in creating and delivering better experiences for ourcustomers. Its author and our guests today has experience in operationsaccount management, BIZDEB and sales roles he's currently an accountexecutive at your welcome a company that works with vacation rental ownersto increase their revenue by adding a service layer from booking to check outned. Eric Welcome to the customer experience. PODCAST EAN thanks foraving, may really appreciate you yeah. As soon as I read that I was like allright, we guy have that post needs to be a conversation on this show. Beforewe get into that conversation. I'd love to know you did your undergraduate andgraduate degrees in canesiology and exercise science. How like a what wasyour motivation there and then be? How did that help you, maybe in some of thework that you've been doing so I thought for sure I wanted to be astrangthing additioning coach. I grew up in the fitness industry. My veryfirst job was actually a janitor inside of a gym at thirteen years old, and Iworked my way up all through the ranks of working inside gyms from janitor topersonal trainer, t e general manager, all of the above and when I went toschool I was like okay. How do I take what I know and move it into somethingthat I thought would be like a career right, and so I said all right. I, like e, thehuman body. I like fitness, let's see what happens and did ye four years. Dida strengthing, additioning internship and went to Grad school realized in mySenior Year of college? I didn't want to be a Stran conditioni coach anymore,because I realized hi didn't want to work from like three am to ten PM. Youknow so my had goes off to every straining additionn coach out there,like you're the the real champion. We talked about grinding and sales no noway, but I went to Grad School at Universityof Tampa to work in the canedialogy lab. There worked on some pretty majorsupplement studies, Kito Studies, like thekitojenic Diet and actually kind offell into sales on accident, was offered a couple of different positionsinside of the fitness industry and decided that they weren't for me andended up in healthcare, which I guess is close enough right. I yeah yeah, ifyeah, but what I will tell you is this is that's really where I cut my teethin sales, I was selling an analytic platform that didn't exist o to doctors,so I'm literally, I was twenty one at the time telling you know a fifty fiveyear old doctor Hey. I promise you. This is going to make you money andhe's like we'll show it to ma, and I'm like, I can't. I can't do that. Welsocreen shots yeah right like exactly. I promise this on the road and map rightyeah, but Yo. You definitely have to give adeposit. U But yeah. So I think what I really cut my feet there, but thedetermination and the aspects of health and fitness and canesiology an and thestrength and anditioning world really Hav helped me just really be able topersevere right. You know understanding that nothing in life is going to happenovernight, and I think that really...

...helps me in my sales. Walking is helpedme in my career, knowing that you know when you make your first cold call insales more than likely or not making a sale right. You know unless you'reselling, you know something that's for cent and even then B that job's notgoing to last very long that anes Gonto be ouh to be pretty quick exactly right.So you know. I think that was the biggest thing for me was understandingthat hey, you know just like anything like working out and just like gettinga master's degree just like doing anything. It's going to take some time.It's going to take some effort and if you fir surve, things are going tohappen and I've been blessed enup in my career to have some pretty. You knowgood success and been able to work under some of the the best businessminded people that I know. So that's awesome what a cool route and- and Ican see- I mean they're, easy parallels and you know, discipline building, youknow and repetition, and all those things and how those help us formhabits and eventually results. That's great yeah, so we've been connectingOun Linton for a little while I read a lot of your stuff. You're, obviouslyvery excited about customer experience, and it's like it's like a backgroundthing, there's thats why we had to have this so before we go any farther. Justshare a few words like when you, when you think customer experience. Whatdoes that mean to you yeah? So really I actually made a post out thisFaler tat I for me it's the holistic end end experience that a customer encounters when they engage with yourbrand when they engage with you and the reason I say, holistic and end to andis because it's not just how they interact with your website or with yoursales team or marketing. It's literally everything from I could have aconversation with you eten right now and say: Hey you need to go to thisrestaurant and that's part of the customer experience right and so for me.I think we've done a really good job in business. I say good with quotes ofFragmenti the customer experience and and creating situations that aren'tinto, and they are little bits and pieces here. Ourwebsite says one thing: our sales people say and now there are marketingis a little bit off here and so there's not really a route that goes all theway through and really, if we think about customer experience right now.The experience that someone has with you is really your Differentii at herein two thousand and twenty, and so we need to really work on as businessowners at sales, people and marketers. We need to understand that yourexperience in the way that the customer actually experiences from even beforethey're thinking about being a business like a customer of yours to even aftertheir customer of yours. We have to really think about that and how it canflow end to end and just be very holistic and Strem Mor love it and thatreally tease up the, and that was a that was a post that I read to yourdefinition there and one thing in that in that post about customer experiencewhere you defined it is this idea that it's happening, whether you arecontrolling it or not, it's happening, and so you can either let it happen andhope for the best where you can grab it and take some control of it, workacross teams and functions and see if you can't shape in itto somethingintentional and better. So, let's go to the post at like led to our being heretoday like it was this, it was a look to two thousand and twenty. It hadphrases in it, like customer obsession, customer success and, of course,customer experience. What was the motivation there? What were you feelingwhen you started to write that one yeah so actually, the day prior, I had ledlike a customer journey, write up that we did at your welcome. Wou Come Homwith, and one of the biggest things that we came understand was in twothousand and twenty. The businesses that are going to succeed are the onesthat are absolutely subsessed with what...

...their product does for the people thatuse their product, how it affects their business, and you know, and that'swhere that kind of thought process came in was like businesses that are going to besuccessful and continue to be successful, are going to need a amindset of just customer obsession right like how is this affecting YourBusiness? How is how wis what I'm saying to you right now affecting you?How is it ex? How is it affecting your revenue? How was it just? How was itaffecting the way that you interact with your client? How is ourexperiencing? How is our experience that were providing you helping or hindering the experience youprovide to your clientele yeah? I think it's so easy. It's. There are twothings that you really made me. Think of there is, you know I early on. Itwas obvious that there's a relationship between employee experience andcustomer experience, but in this case you know this is on the customer side.It's you know internally, it's easy for us to get excited about our own goalsand our own outcomes and our own Kpis and all of this, but where we need toget- and this is what I hear in the way you talk about obsession it's a ThonghI had before, but you really maybe go back into it is. I need to be obsessed with your Kpiswith your metrix, your outcomes, yeah yeah. I think that's so key. Ithink it's a matter of and being in sales. I think a lot of times. You knowweehere's the term commission breath or you know we everyone's so focused rightnow were a were at the end of the year and those discounts and all of thesethings and and realistically sure that may push people over the edge. You knowin some way might push people away. What is really going to keep people inyour funnel? What's going to keep people being you know, actuallypurchasing from you and doing business with your company and becoming a partof your community is going to be you literally saying to them hey. What doyou need to be successful going into two thousand and twenty forget meforget me right now: What do you need to do to be successful and they'regoing to tell you hey, you know this is what we're doing and if it's a fith Surgo ahead, but I think where it comes a lot of, is it being obsessed with theirtape eyes and them you become this almost educator and- and I think that'syou know everyone talks, you know the the trusted advisor. I think that'sgone away. I think it's. The educator is going to be the winner in twothousand and twenty as a business whor. How are you educating them on what theyneed to do? No one cares that you need to hit quota. No one cares that youneed. You have revenue Gol, because so do they. They want to know how they canhit the revenue goals and, if you can give it to them- and you can tell them,teach them with you know thirty seconds, Tor, two minute videos or getting onthe phone and just having a conversation with them. You knowvirtual coffee date, where you just give them five ideas that are going tojust revolutionize the way they do business. I know Buzzword, but that'swhere you're going to succeed and that's where customer obsession comesfrom and I'll be honest. People can smell fake from a mile away. So it'skey like you have to be really. You really have to care about them becauseif you're like, Oh, I care about you and at the end of it, you're like oh bythe way today, twenty percent off just for sitting down and having a VirtualCup of cope with me. Thet E, be like, Oh God, like ot us again, yeah, heyyeah, it's really interesting. It means that you really have to focus as well.I mean you have to be so intentional. I know that I know that the salespeoplein the marketers and the customers success- people and you know, foundersand executives that are listening to the show already know this, but I liketo walk it out explicitly. Is You really have to be focused in who you'reserving if you're going to be of actual value? In that role, you like yeah, ifyou really are going to adopt their kpis you're, maybe stepping into aterritory that some of their own employees are maybe not even capable ofdoine. So, like you really have to focus, if you're going to do it in asuccessful way, I think yeah yeah, I...

...think that's so important is is, if youhave to you, know, understand where they're at what they want and wherethey want to go, and that does take absolute focus. Ind clarity in whattheir objectives are, and once you know their objective, you then have to be almost an internal teammate on theirteam, and I think that's really where that experience comes from where youliterally step into a roll inside of their team, every time that you talk tothem and and that just takes absolute focus, because I'm no longer going tobe telling you the R Alie of other people, I'm nolonger going to be telling you stories about whatever it may be outside ofyour organization. I'm going to now have conversations with you and promotethings to you that are only going to benefit you, because I know everythingthat you need. You know for the most part right that has to do with me. Iknow everything you need, and I know that if I provide that to you, that'sgoing to create a completely different experience than anyone else. That'sdoing it right now and I think that's that's really the key yeah. I remindsme of a couple really really good high quality, consulting engagements thatI've been on the receiving end of over the years. Love that perspective. I gottwo quick followups here specific to that post and they have no relationshipto one another so start with the inside that post theres. You know youmentioned that your twelve year old cousin has techic Al Help Your BusinessRaih. So this is that idea that you know products and features. Aren'tenough that anyone can, if a competitor doesn't have that feature, or theydon't have that you know tool set or whatever it doesn't. Take that long tobuild it and in in this case, even a preteen might be able to toowoutfeature. You tell me what is he or she doing yeah, so you actuallyliterally has a technology. It's it's a platform for teachers where they'reable to like share with their students internally on and APP, and theyliterally took like one of those platform builder APPs that they do andyeah so he's talking to like district at twelve years old like to bring itinto their like public schools and stuff. So like come on man like whatwas I doing at twelve notyeah, I was playing like Super Mario Brothers orsomething stupid exactly man, I like come on man. That's amazing, that'sreally good! Well, and that is I mean this is the microcosm of the essence ofthis larger argument that hypercompetition like trulyhypercompetition the barriers to entry and so much of this stuff as we'regetting into you know, everything's going to subscription for sure, but youknow eiten the rise offwr in general. Anyone can do it, including your twelveyear old cousin, which is he's amazing and really getting after it so good,and then the other question I had was- and I didn't know this part coming intoit, but you mentioned that you were coming off of a specific exerciseinside you're. Welcome where you were talking about this stuff, what was thatday about what was the goal, and you know H, how is it facilitated just to equick drive by here? Yeah? Absolutely so it was literally. You know justtrying to figure out. How can we best provide experience to the vacationretal managers that we work with right? You know they're getting bombarded withsales people all the time and the salesperson picks up the phone and sayshey. This is ex wit. You know Tisiss met with Xyz and we help like blankblank, and you know it was like well. How do we change that to really drawthem into the point where they're like wow these people, like actually careabout me because they'rethey're speaking my language and that's reallywhat it was all about with? How do you get into the customers, language andyeah? We just we sat there in the boardroom, put some of those big sticky.You know pages up and just went down.

You know from pre. You know e the timewhere they're thinking about it or engaging to retention to post andreally just continue to worry about the questions that they had o ask theirmotivations. What what's going on in their head as they're havingconversation, that's their searching our website as they've had aconversation with the account executive, a you know, they're working with ourcustomer success team like what are they worried about and what are they?You know looking to gain from the conversations, and you know I thinkevery company should be doing something to that extent where they really dostart to focus and put themselves in the shoes and really because I thinkyou said said this briefly- about the people that listen to podcast know thisright and it's easy to know it's hard to take action right. It's easy for usto sit there and be like Oh. We need to provide better customer experience, butit's very hard to actually sit down and spend you know for us. It was an entireday sitting down and really thinking and going. Okay, and- and you know webrought customers into this- like we actually brought people that havepurchased the product and have ave interacted with us and said Hey whatwas this? What was the bottle neck? What was the sticking point right andyou know I think, that's just super important to really create that ideal.Tustomer experience in two thousand, an twenty love that I getting the customerin the room is the essence in the height of voice of customer I meanthere's, no, you don't have to try to read it out of survey, results or read,you know and like they're right here. Let's do this. It's so good. Customerin terviews are obviously super super important, but this idea of multiplepeople, probably in multiple seats and different teams inside the organizationall having direct access to to some customers, is really smart idea, reallylike what you did there. Let's transition a little bit to linked in soyou write a ton on linked in. When did that start and more importantly, whydid you start that, like? What's your motivation there and you know what'sdriving that for you yeah absolutely it actually started in twenty seventeen. Ithink it was early either late, toandand, seventeen early o thousandand eighteen and I actually was told by an old mentor of minos. When I was Iwas with a fitness start up and he was like and I got him on the phone. It wasactually a cold email. He replied back. I thought it was a cooles guy in theworld for getting a cold email PRI from like an influence there right, but hegot. I got on the phone and I was like hey. You know I really like I'd like to.You know strive to be where you are, you know what do I do and he saidcontent and I said deal where and he told me Linkein and from then itwas articles. It was post it videos and everything that I write is specific to the vertical the pain and the peoplethat I'm looking have conversations with, because I and absolutely none ofit has a book a demo or absolutely none of it. Has You know really even acalled O action most of the time? It's a story about how I failed, but you know I think it's so importantto you know we talk holistic experience that customer journey. When someonelooks at my link in P profile, they know Ned, like my bioon, there isliterally me my if they look at any of my post it' O me. If they look at thecomments, it's me and I think it's just so important. You know even the HashtagI have at the top, which is rewrites the narrative business it you know,that's my goal, that's what I'd love to do and you know I truly believe youknow I'm getting there. So I love to put that button on there because that'sexactly where I wanted to go next. You know a lot of people use that space tokind of prop themselves up, or maybe you know, position their company orwhatever, and you chose rewriting the narrative of business. What is thenarrative of business in your view and...

...and talk about the rewrite like? What'sthe motivation there yeah? So I think really the marative of business todayis is, if you've made a cold call in the last ten years. Hey you know, relationshipsthey're, not real, they're, transactional right, the buzz words.You hear the culture, it's sort of fake. You know I grew up in a very small town,where everybody knew everybody that you know. We cheered on the same teams. Werevelled in the same simple pleasures right. We really we had everyone's back.It didn't matter. If what someone did because you were a towny fromLeonardpown Maryland, I didn't care. I had your back right and you get alittle bit naive in that when I left to go into the corporate world- and youstart- and you know startup world, you start to realize that thatinnerconnected web of individuals, where it doesn't matter what happensthey have your back, doesn't necessarily exist and the conversationsyou have with a business theyr, just tranactional and and people that you've tought were bestfriend, maybe our best friends right and so for me, I remember just sittingback and going there has to be a different way. It was. It actually happened when I wasin healthcare, and doctors are kicking me out of their office. I'm like Oh, mygosh. There had to be a better way to do this and to really the narrative ofbusiness. Now, in my opinion, is sort of one of cynicism, and rightly so.Right ethey've been beat over the head with with poor sales experiences, poormarketing manipulation, and for me, it's about taking that transactionalexperience and truly creating that relational experience. Where everycompany that I'm blessed to do business with, I want to bring that small townfield to it, meaning that we're going to fight the same battles right, I'mgoing to make sure that your company succeeds no matter what, because we'rein this together right we're going to rebel in the same simple pleasures,we're going to cheer on the same team, which is team you and we're going toreally FOCUSD on continuing to Aveyou succeed because of what you're doing inside ofyour community. And so that's a big thing for me is creating community, notonly inside of me and a business, but the rewriting of the narrative is thatplus creating your business opportunities with other people insideof your communities. I want my lawyers to know my doctors. I want my doctorsto know my pharmacit. I want you know it. I want everything to be a big,almost happy family as tune biaz that sound. That's really where my rewritesen narritave come. Some love it and this the sense of community is really abig deal. I like it that you're translate to get from. You know yourchildhood and you know Community Es, obviously a buzzword, but it's also a real thing that I've been a part of an a variety oflike communities and pockets and circles. Just in doing my professionalwork- and I think the folks that are doing that. Well, some of them evenbeen guessed on the show are the ones you know a lot like you're talkingabout rewriting, I think they're positioning themselves and theircompanies and their teams and their the. What connects them right, like whetherit's a concept or philosophy or an approach,or maybe just we have something else in common. It just really brings it tolife in a different way and to your point like Yo people that have yourback, and so I also like the way you tied back to this idea of making. Youknow team, you, you know making your customers keep the eys your own CPIS,it's really good! Here's another post! You talked about the mindset ofcharging admission, and this is the idea that imagining that your customersare going to pay a deposit to sit on a demo with you and how that might changethe dynamic of the Demo really interesting. I think this goes again tothis kind of educator role, but talk about what you're what was going onwhen You'ere thinking about charging and mission, and how would that changeyour approach? If you knew you were being paid for that Demo, yeah yeah. Sothis is something that I I've. I don't remember where I heard it I, but it'sbeen something it's been a while and...

...honestly might have been in college ina class. You know. So thank you, professor whoever you are I'll behonest. It's been one of those just always in the back of my head. When I'mhaving conversations with people is, am I giving them and Buz were to Alerenough value right? Am I giving them enough right now, not necessarily tosay yes to what I'm offering but to go and change the game for their businessfor their family, for whatever I'm having a conversation with them about,and that's really what I want o evoke. The people is, I think, a lot of times, especially inDemos. I've been in fast for a while and then all across, and I think we getinto talk mode right. We don't you know, and people say that stop and say: Heydoes that make sense right, but like little Buyans, I don't think that'seenough. You know. If I'm talking at you, I'm not giving you enoughopportunity to really. Let me know what's important to you and really letyou know what's resonating and wook not, and so I thought of this as like youknow when I'm making a cold call or an email or even just a demo or justhaving a conversation with someone act as if man active. If they gave you afive hundred dollar, do posit and rand it's nonrefuctable, they got. I givehey it's five hundred bucks in your pocket today. What would you dodifferently and I think we'd ask more question. I think we would dig deeperand I think we wouldn't talk so much about ourselves anymore. I really do Ithink that if someone handed you five hundreddollars every single time thatyou had a conversation with them, I think you would really get down to theknitty gritty of whats hurting what what they need, what their motivationsare and and really how you can help them succeed, and I also think he wouldactually tell them how to succeed right. He wouldn't just tell them the what hewould tell them the. How, and you know, I think, we're in the we're in asociety of what right we're in an information overload society where Ican google anything and get a billion results. What but very few people areactually telling people how and I think that right there is going to be amassive differentiator. You start providing people the how value? UThere's the difference between what value and how Voutyou, yeah and I'lljust add one more to that. First, the hows, like the really good Hou Post,just to stay with your Google search result thing. You know the Best Houseget the with the most detail, get to the top of the the rankings yeah and T,but to blend it with your educator idea. It's not just how I did it or how theydid it. It's how you might do it right how this might work here inside yourorganization really good. Last one on this kind of like checkcek check things.I read on Lincoln that I think you're interestedg, you know, spend thirty toninety seconds on focusing on your prospects ideal future, rather thanfocusing on her or his painpoint. You know like we do a lot of painpointselling, but you drew out this idea like in my mind, as I read I positionvery specifically speaking to painpoints versus speaking of to idealfuture. How do you think about that yeah? So for me, I think that was moreof a talking at myself almost right, I don't necessarily feel comfortable whenpeople are probing pain and- and I know per a fact that there are people thatI've had interactions with. That are the same way and I would much ratherlook at the destination than look at. What hasgotten me here right like I'm in a really bad spot. I don't necessarilywant to look at all the crap that went on Tobe back here. I want to look atlike you know it's one of those things that I heard this one time where, if you're,if you're a travel agent, you don't help people about all the stuff thatgoes on until they get the Hawaii the...

...packing. You know the deposit, thesitting in a coach seat with your knees getting smoshed for twelve hours right.You don't have to talk about that. You talk about all the beach look at howamazing it is and look can you imagine yourselves sitting on that beach with adrink in your hand, no worries in the world, and I think there's reallysomething to be said about that. You know and not in Ha Manipulative Way andabsolutely we have to undersstand o the paint right. We have to understandwhat's gotten them here, so that they can avoid doing those shame things inthe in the in the future. But I really think that when you're havingconversations with people you're going to have a much better reaction tosomeone when I'm like hey, then you know imagine what Bombam can do in twothousand and twenty right. If these things happen versus Amen, how hard wasit to grow? That was tough right and you're going to be like yeah, it wastough Ned, but I need to know how to move forward, and I think focusing onmoving forward is really a lot more beneficial thanfocusing on. You know: Hey you stufkd in the past, like you know, like okaycool man. Thank Bro Yeah. I love it because the answer is, of course alittle bit of both and I mean there's, there's o discovery in the pain, but toyou just to tack on to Your Hawaii thing. You don't have to say like man,Winter North Dakota, but you know you cul get away from that. Huh yeahourwins Sony, eight degrees out three R. No, this is my home like this is whereI live. Like yeah, come on Di like Eah like this I've been living in thisreality. I already know the pain like now that I've expresse an you knowwhere I am we yeah. I love the ideal future. Il Last Link Din Question. Youdo some video there to talk about the power video from your experience. Whydo you do it and maybe some surprising outcomes of just looking at camera inthe Lens and talking to People Yeah Yeah? So I love video. I'm supercomfortable for some reason in front of a camera wherere you from the beginning,I probably say yeah yeah. I have a background. I was actually thelead vocalist of a very popular hardcore band. In High School, so I'mbeing on stage has never been an issue for me, and I've always considered thevideo camera at a stage that allows me to go to more people right and so yeah.I think for me, the power of video is it's humanizing right, someone can readmy post and they can go. Okay did look at this guy in the blackand white picture on his lingth in who is this guy. But when you put me incolor right, you know- and maybe this is me telling myself to put a colorpicture on my Linkei, but when you put me in color and it and you hear thatyou know I'm real and I I talk and my passions and you know what brings medown, I started something called Ned talk and you know a little. You know I,like the You, know, whip people off like pedtalks, and you know I startedned, cocks and realistic. All it was was me telling people my day today andthe amount of messages I still get. I haven't done a ned talking probably amonth now I still get messages from people asking about them. Hey Man, youknow those were really helpful because I literally would sit there and go hey.You know this. Were we didn't hit this KPBI this year? You know, let me tellyou why, and I would literally just share with people my heart and mypassions and I think H. video is so important if you're real, if you'rehonest, because we talked about earlier people, can smell fake from a vile away,right yeah. I think, if you're, if you're, really doing a real video, it can be so powerful and,like I said, people have insistently been reaching out. I've had a lot ofopportunities. Hive gotten business from it and yeah I mean it's just it'sphenomenal yeah. It rins me F of something that Sethgoden said. He saidmany smart things, but the one I'm thinking of right now is this idea ofyou know, I'm not even paraphrasing I'm just... know, your marketing is good whenpeople miss it when it's gone. Yeah right like there are a lot of thingswe're doing right now, like I work in marketing for the most part- and youknow, there's some things that we're doing right now that if we just stoppdoing it, no one would say oh man, br wheredd that go and that's probablytrue inside almost every single organization. So I love this idea thatyou know when you, when you happen to just like let the time go or you maybeforget to do a new one or whatever people are asking for it. It meansyou're, really doing something really good. So I an I can tell for ourconversation and from my experience with you on linked in that that there's just a lot of sincerityand value and experience that you're that you're putting forth. So I canimagine why people would miss it when it's Gone Net, this star your pleasure,it's Awesomi, I love what you're doing and andmost importantly, the way thatyou're going about it. But before I let you go a couple things here,relationships or our number one core value here at bombamb. It sounds likethat's probably you probably have some. If you have coute values for yourself,I'm sure it's adjacent to one of them, if not being one of them itself. So Ilike to give you two opportunities here. One is to think or mention someonewho's had a positive impact on your life or your career and and then,secondly, to mention a company, give them a shout out for delivering a greatexperience for you as a customer yeah, absolutely so. First off, I just wantto think you know Dal du Pre, I'm sure everyone knows who he is. LS hasprobably thanked him. Bail has known dal since twenty seventeen nowit's, butwow it's been a long time, but you know he is just really freaked life into me.I think its probably the best way to put it, you know getting a kid who hadjust been beaten down by you know: Doctors for a year almost two years,you know and really just reestablishing my values and just being a friend morethan anything he's really just pushed my career n in a completely differenttrajectory. Given me opportunities ideas, just just been an Absolutel,genuine human being so I'll say this, but I'm sure everyone knows at is: Ifyou don't follow, they'll do prey and you're listening to t it. Youabsolutely should so yeah. I definitely say that then a company, that's givenme a great experience. You know I'll actually say this and I live in thecity in Tampa and it's called blind tiger. It's a coffee shop here and Ilive above that I live in condos that are above you know, retail area, and Igo there, probably maybe once a week at the most right. I don't I'm not a I'm,not a frequent frequenter of cafes. You know, but if I need to pick me up, butthere is a girl at the front depth. That knows my name like it's going outof style and she knows my drink which isn't hard. It's black, guys Cofpe, buthe knows my drink. She knows what to hate. Where have you been? She knowseverything pretty much about me and, if I'm low on coffee, she comes and poursit and it's a completely different experience than like a starbuck right,and I will go out of my way if I'm not athome and I'm passing, I will pass three or four starbucks to go to blind tigerin westshase Florida because of the experience that she provides, and youknow I've been to some of the most mish coffee shops that you know promise allof these amazing things. Right and I'll be honest, there's no better experience.So, if you're ever in West Cast Florida, you need to go to blind tiger, you haveto so the Coffeeis, not too shabby either. It's awesome thein this. Thisis one something that really come to adopt over the past couple of years. Isthis idea that the thing any of US needs above anything else? I mean,assuming that all of your basic needs are met right, that you have foodshelter whatever we just need to be,...

...and this is true of every human, evenpeople who don't have food or shelter. They just need to be seen andappreciated. Like I see you person- and I appreciate you and so for you like,where you been how's it going just this idea that there's this t is thisrunning situation where she is paying attention. She sees you and hears youshe understands, you knows what you want and I mean you can say it's not acomplicated order, but what's complicated about it. Is that you thatthere are dozens, if not hundreds or several hundred, maybe even a thousandor thousands of people, just like you who walk in whoshes, like I haven'tseen in a while, how's it going and y most of them probably are black icedcoffee. Yeah P. is that that special? It's pretty easy. It's like it's ice,coffee and black, but that just that, along with your face- and where haveyou been is just this. I appreciate you. It's really really strong and, ofcourse, Dalis an awesome, dude and- and he is a great follow, as is Ned Eric ifyou're listening to this, it's just anyd, Arick and Dale Du pre is du Pr.Ee. Both great follows on Linkedin. I guess I already answered part of thislast question for you, ned is if people want to learn more, if they want tofollow with you or Youre Welcome, they want to check out your videos any ofthat stuff wwhere some ways people can follow up and connect with you, yeahlinkon's, probably the best one. For me, Yeuh I've got an instagram page. It'severything is Ned Eric, Neda or ICK. Everything is but linkon is where,where I'm at you're welcome, is it's actually spelled? Wyo? U R wel comepromise. It's not a grammatical error, so check it out. You know we that wehelp vacation rental managers really create better guest experiences throughtechnology, so couldn't have asked for a better company to work for with withmy passions and in real estate and in my passions and Techn and experience so awesome now.This is great. Continue success to you thinks for the time, and I have a greatrest of your evening- absolutely thanks som what Tev en clear communicationhuman connection, higher conversion. These are just some of the benefits ofadding video to the messages your sending every day. It's easy to do withjust a little guidance, so pick up the official book, Rehumanize Your Business,how personal videos, accelerate sales and improve customer experience learnmore in order today at Bombamcom Book. That's Bo, MB bombcom book. Thanks forlistening to the customer experience. podcast remember the single mostimportant thing you can do today is to create and deliver a better experiencefor your customers, continue learning the latest strategies and tactics bysubscribing right now in your favorite podcast player, or visit Bombomcompodcast.

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