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The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 119 · 11 months ago

119. The 6 P's of Writing, Publishing, and Selling Your Book (Part 2 of 2) w/ Ethan Beute


It opened doors that I didn’t know existed. I met new people, found new opportunities, and received other unexpected benefits from organizing my thoughts.

This result of writing, publishing, and selling a book makes the entire 6-step process worthwhile.

I’m Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and co-host of the CX Series on the B2B Growth Show. I am here today to share Part 2 of the 6 Ps of Writing, Publishing, and Selling Your Book.

A very quick overview:

- The 6 Ps: purpose, proposal, process, publishing, people, and promotion

- Publishing decisions should be guided by purpose

- It takes a village of people to publish a book

- Promotion is ultimately your responsibility

Check out these resources to help you navigate the 6 Ps:

- This is a blog post of reflection on writing my book

- Check out this slide deck of the 6 Ps

- Building Relationships Through Video (my talk about writing)

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