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Episode · 1 year ago

78. 3 Ways To Improve Data Literacy w/ Piyanka Jain


Data literacy is knowing how to read and understand data — such as the difference between a histogram and a flow chart. Data maturity is knowing how to use data to make decisions — like giving your customers what they want the most. 


Right now, a time of great change, is the perfect opportunity to invest in growing a data culture so that in the post-pandemic world, you’ll have both the data literacy and the data maturity to thrive.


In this episode, I interview Piyanka Jain, President and CEO of Ayrng, about how to build data literacy and create citizen analysts.

What we talked about:


- The definition of data literacy and its relationship to data maturity


- How data maturity is like making falafel


- Why a healthy data culture is foundational to crafting customer experience


- Why data personas precede data literacy


- Best practices for improving data literacy (3 problems to overcome)


Check out this resource we mentioned during the podcast:


- Ayrng’s data scientist and citizen analyst Academy


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