The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 113 · 5 months ago

113. Building A Customer Experience From the Ground Up w/ Eric Crane


Would you gateway your product behind requiring anyone who signs up to have a 30-minute conversation with one of your two founders? As in, you won’t sell to them unless they agree to talk to you?

Eric and David did, and it utterly changed how they thought about value.


In this episode, I interviewed Eric Crane, Cofounder and COO at Flatfile, about how he and his team constructed a whole new picture of customer success based on customer experience and value. Eric talked with me about:


- The relationship between customer experience and customer success


- The impetus behind his conversation strategy — and its outcomes


- 2 new ways to think about the human/machine relationship


- What a COO in a SaaS company does all day long


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