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Episode 140 · 3 months ago

140. Creating Sales and Customer Success Alignment w/ Ethan Beute


Two of the least aligned teams are often sales and customer success. I’ve learned so much from my podcast guests about why that’s problematic and what to do about it.

I’m Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and co-host of the CX Series on the B2B Growth Show. Join me to hear some strategies for promoting alignment between CS and sales.

Here are some thoughts from the episode:

- How marketing affects CS

- Making sales to customer success handoffs better

- What CS can teach sales and what sales can teach CS

- Aligning pre-sale and post-sale for customer retention

- The success leader is the conduit between the company and customer

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If we are to create and deliver betterexperiences for our customers, we need greater alignment, we need Greater HolIsm, we need more conversations and we need fewer silos. The single most important thing you cando today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers,learn how sales marketing and customer success experts create internalalignment, achieved desired outcomes and exceed customer expectations in apersonal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here'syour host, Ethan Beaute, hey it's ethen! Thank you! So much for checking outthis episode. I hope you enjoy it. It is a solo episode technically, but I'mnot really Solo I'll, be invoking the names and ideas of several of ourguests over the past couple of years. Here on the customer, experience,podcast and I'll even be including some of their voices, and what we're talkingabout today is sales and customer success, alignment or sales and CSalignment, and where will start is where the conversation is very veryfamiliar, and that is sales and marketing alignment Dan Tyre, who is anoriginal team member at hub spot, the first sales guy there still a salesexecutive with them today he's my guest back on episode, Forty and he is apioneer of the concept of marketing the sales and marketing alignment he andthe hub spot crew came up with that term. He's been teaching it andpreaching it for years, and you can still hear it today. All you need to dois check out linked in you'll, see post about it in your feet. You can attendWebbin's about sales and marketing alignment. You can read books about it,you can listen to entire podcast and I don't mean podcast conversations. Imean entire podcast about sales and marketing alignment. It's a criticalpart of the ABMV, that's obviously very common these days as well and for goodreason by the way, but more recently I...

...was talking with Logan Lyles on episodehundred and thirty six of this podcast, so you've just been named VP OF C x.Now what now I've known Logan for years, we're good friends? I am a customer ofhis at sweet fish media. He is a customer of ours here at Bomba and inthat conversation he was named vice president of customer experience atSweet Fish, and so that was what our episode was about on a hundred andthirty six, but toward the end of it there's a one minute passage reachesdrop this little nugget. He is very prolific on linked in if you're notconnected with them. I recommend doing that and he was talking about aconversation he was having with Megan Bowen from refined labs, thisconversation of sales and C S Alignment and why it will be more common in thefuture. It's not being talked enough about today. Here's part of ourconversation, one thing that more companies are going to start payingattention to, as we've beat everyone over the head with sales and marketingalignment, and it's still a challenge for a lot of organizations and it'sunderstandable. But a lot of us hear that and we're like, oh gosh, anotherpodcast, another web in or about sales marketing alignment. I don't think thatsales and customer experience were sales and customer success. However,you have that structured in your organization is talked about enough,and I do think that the companies that are creating a better customerexperience are focusing, on that crucial hand off I've done a fewepisodes with Megan Bowen at refined labs. I have a lot of similarities anda lot of similar approaches to on our PODCAST, be to be growth, sharing somevery specific things about how to make those sales to customer success, handoffs better in those sorts of things, and that content has gotten a lot ofengagement. So I think it's a topic that companies that are trying toimprove the customer experience they're focusing on that lever, because it'sone that just a little bit of attention can generate a lot of results. So thisneed to raise up. This conversation is completely true. It's consistent withmy own experience and it's consistent...

...with the purpose of this show. Our goalhere is to break down the silos marketing sales and customer success,and for that matter, product and Dev, the executive team and other folks inour organizations. We all see the customer a little bit differently. Wehave different goals, we have different measures, we have different metricsrelative to the customer, and what this does is created, inconsistentexperience for our customers and consistency is one of the mostimportant things we can provide. We've had plenty of conversations aboutmarketing and sales, pretty recently with Darrel Prayle, who is cro atVanilla, soft on episode hundred and twenty seven, which we called three xstrategies for Cros. He talked about the mid, funnel being very, very gray.This blend of sales and marketing activities, different organizations arearranging themselves and organizing themselves differently. Relative tothis gray area, you know, pure top of funnel, tends to still be marketing ina lot of cases. The point right before commitment in the steps leading up tothe point of commitment are clearly sales, but in between those steps itgets very, very interesting and messy these days for a wide variety ofreasons. So again, Darrel prayle talks about that on episode, one twenty sevenin some ways to resolve it and we've also talked about what sales can teachcustomer success and what customer success can teach sales. For example,every sales team has a playbook they've had it for years, they've refined itthey operate by it and yet post sale, most CS organizations lack andexpansion, playbook, Lea Cheney, who has founder and chief experienceofficer at better growth. I hosted her in conversation on episode hundred andthirty three, the four as of customer experience, Lea explained that when sheand her team go in to consult organizations, that's one of thebiggest opportunities for revenue growth is implementing an expansionplaybook post sale. This is a sales...

...tactic that should very clearly beimplemented in CS. More importantly, this alignment shouldbe guiding how we market and sell our products and services when presale andpost sale are very clearly aligned. We create better experiences and weincrease lifetime values. Not every customer is created equal. We cannotafford to attract, convert and retain every customer the same way. This was acritical point brought by Sarah Tom's Co, founder and executive director atWharton, Interactive and Co. Author of the customer centricity playbook. Ihosted Sarah on episode. Thirty six. We called that the financial side of C X,which customers should you, invest in without this very, very strong loop andstrong relationship between Presale and post sale chances are we're wastingprecious time and money attracting and converting opportunities that simplywon't produce high lifetime values. They might not even be profitable. So what are we to do about this? Forinsight? We'll go back to episode, sixty five with nufsed co, founder andC e o Chris Hickin. We called that conversation product usage as a vanitymetric. Here's what Chris shared about CS leaders having a stronger voice inthe Goto market strategy. I believe that the success leader holy isresponsible for driving those conversations. The success leader is the main conduit, the main lifelinebetween company and customer, and they need to be in a pit. It doesn't happenin t is as much today as it should, but I think in the future customer successleaders need to be driving strategic and tactical conversations with theirpeers on eastaff around which customers do. We need to target what type ofsales offering leads to the best overall engagement with the customer,which products and features need to be developed based on o? What we'rehearing from the customer base- and I...

...think today, generally success leadersdon't have the tools that they need to make to advocate for those positions,but I do think it is their responsibility to drive those decisionsin organizations. The main conduit between company and customer, ourcustomer success leaders can be driving strategic and tactical conversations.They should be helping decide which customers to target and what type ofofferings we should be selling in order to promote the highest level ofengagement. So if you're in sales reach out to yourpeers, post sale and if you're in customer success reach out to yourpeers presale, if you're not on either of those teams promote thatrelationship. If we are to create and deliver better experiences for ourcustomers, we need greater alignment, we need greater holim, we need moreconversations and we need fewer silos. One thing we do at bombum is: We bringan AE and a cs into our senior leadership meetings every week. Thatonly do we get insight into a deal one and a deal lost as well as a healthyaccount in an unhealthy account. We get context, we get insights, we haveconversations, we engage that ae or that C sm or account manager in aproductive conversation. In addition, our CS team is gettinginvolved in deals much much earlier well before the sale happens. Among themany benefits of this, including better trust and better conversations betweensales and C S, is that the hand offs are much much smoother. The AE is muchmore comfortable with the C sm. The customers already well acquainted with,and has confidence in the CS M, so many benefits to focusing on sales and CSalignment. So what are you and your team doing? What did you think aboutthis solo episode? What do you think...

...about the concept of sales and C S?Alignment over all reach out to me hit me up on linked. In again my name isEthan, but last name is spelled, be ute. I welcome your connection on Linkin oryou can email me ethen ethan at bombaces, one was meant to inspirethought as much as it was to share insights and, if you're curious, tohear more from any of the people I mentioned in this episode just visitBombombay when you visit Bombo podcast, look for episode at one forty, that isthis episode, I'll drop in some video clips, I'll drop in links to all of theepisodes and all the people I mentioned again. I appreciate you listening verymuch thanks for clicking play on this episode. Send me feedback reach out anytime, take care and have a great day, clear communication, human connection,higher conversion. These are just some of the benefits of adding video to themessages your sending every day. It's easy to do with just a little guidanceto pick up the official book. Rehumanize your business, how personalvideos, accelerate sales and improve customer experience learn more in ordertoday, at Bombon book, that's B, O M B Bomb Com buck thanks for listening tothe customer experience. podcast remember the single most importantthing you can do today is to create and deliver a better experience for yourcustomers, continue learning the latest strategies and tactics by subscribingright now in your favorite podcast player, or visit Bomboma.

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