The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 142 · 1 month ago

142. Don't Just Personalize, Get Personal w/ Kristina Jaramillo


When marketing speaks to one-to-many, we’re addressing industries. When we speak to one-to-few, we’re addressing personas. But personal relevance in one-to-one messaging means that we speak to how unconsidered gaps will affect that individual specifically.

In this episode, I interview Kristina Jaramillo, Founding Partner at Personal ABM, about the difference between personalized and personal ABM — and why the key is CX.

Kristina talked with me about:

- What putting the customer first really means

- How you should be using LinkedIn

- Personalized vs. personal ABM

- Who to target and how to target them

- The relationship between ABM and CX

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