The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 145 · 3 weeks ago

145. Establishing Core Principles for Yourself and Your Team w/ John Belizaire


The key to building a great business and getting a team focused is, first, having a set of consistent core values over time. Once you’ve established core principles around serving your customer, the next step is to continue to optimize around improving that customer experience over time.

In this episode, I interview John Belizaire, CEO at Soluna and Founder and Managing Editor at CEOPLAYBOOK, about building long-term relationships, the wow of customer experience, and his personal mission statement to influence a thousand young entrepreneurs.

John and I also talked about:

- Building a personal mission statement around what you want to be proud about

- Why CEOs should be deeply involved in creating customer experience

- Soluna’s commitment to support green power with global energy

- The relationship between entrepreneurship and storytelling

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- John on LinkedIn



- Luxor Mining

- Interlude NYC

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