The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 146 · 2 weeks ago

146. Getting Clear on Who You Are and How You Serve w/ Anthony Coundouris


When you present who you are — your core beliefs — to the customer, do you get head nods, indifference, or hostility? All 3 are great responses, actually. If they’re nodding, they probably share your beliefs. That’s a key tenet of quadrant 3: who we are.

In this episode, I interview return guest Anthony Coundouris, Founder at run_frictionless and author of run_frictionless, about how Q3 (who we are) and Q4 (how we serve) fit in the overall 4-part frictionless framework.

Anthony and I also talked about:

- Why sharing beliefs should be the beginning of every PowerPoint

- How to evaluate the 3 types of response to who you are

- What happens to revenue when you fit the quadrants together

- What vanity values are

- How to start conversations with less friction

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Anthony Coundouris on LinkedIn 

- Company: run_frictionless

- Book: run_frictionless

- Xero Accounting Software

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