The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 115 · 5 months ago

115. (Re)Humanizing Your Events, Content, and Community w/ Bo Brustkern


Every business is a relationship business. It's really important to humanize a brand, especially when the brand is financial because finance can be very complex and impersonal.

When it comes to recasting a large-scale event into a webinar, it turns out that video networking is really effective.

In this episode, I interview Bo Brustkern who is the co-founder and CEO at LendIt Fintech, about his love for and strategic use of video.

Bo talked with me about:

- Why entrepreneurs should feel optimistic about FinTech in 2021

- The strategy for transforming in-person events into personal virtual events

- The life-and-death pivot his company made in the last 12 months

- Why he always uses video to share bad news

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