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Episode · 2 months ago

168. Obviously Shareable: CX That Customers Want to Talk About w/ Dan Gingiss


Instead of a slice of cake with a candle, they brought out a box of handmade chocolates with Happy Birthday spelled out in cocoa powder and decorated with a sparkler. All four diners spontaneously took out their phones, photographed it, and shared it online.

“The single best marketing is a happy customer talking about you because it’s the most credible, the most authentic,” said our guest today, Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker, LLC and author of The Experience Maker .Dan challenges organizations to create shareable experiences, just like Fleming Steakhouse did for his son’s birthday dinner.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why Dan highlights a romance novelist in his marketing book
  • What the WISER framework stands for
  • How personalization creates shareable moments
  • How to leverage B2C experiences in B2B
  • Why Amazon loses money to invest in relationships

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