The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 136 · 1 month ago

136. So, You've Just Been Named VP of CX... Now What? w/ Logan Lyles


Everyone’s looking to you as the new dedicated CX leader to structure the customer experience. What are your two functions? What three practices will help you achieve them?

In this episode, I interview Logan Lyles, VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media, about being the pioneer of the CX role at his company.

Logan & I talked about:

- How our mutual friend James Carbary introduced us in Colorado Springs

- The two halves of Logan’s CX team: customer success and content production

- What the first 90 days as VP of CX looked like

- Why incorporate video into your internal and external messaging

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- B2B Growth




- Megan Bowen on LinkedIn

- James Carbary on LinkedIn

- Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman

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