The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 120 · 4 months ago

120. The ABC's of Creating Superfans w/ Brittany Hodak



You may have some.

You may have had some and lost them.

You may have fans — who would be superfans — if only you engaged them the right way.

Regardless, you always want more superfans.

But you have to work for them.

In this episode, I interview Brittany Hodak, speaker, writer, and co-founder of the Superfan Company, about what a superfan is and how to build a base of them.

Brittany and I chat about

- What a superfan is and how you create them

- The 5 steps of the SUPER system

- How Brittany got offers from four of the five sharks on Shark Tank

- The biggest threat to business (it gets no airtime)

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