The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

Episode 130 · 2 months ago

130. The Mindset of Improv in Sales w/ John Sweeney


The sales funnel is actually a pyramid that looks like this: top-level is sales tools, middle level is sales skills, bottom level is the humanity of the sales professional. By restoring a connection to the authenticity, emotion, and mindset of the sellers themselves, the art of sales can begin to return to the foundation of customer experience: making people’s lives better.

In this episode, I interview John Sweeney, the Owner and Speaker at the Brave New Workshop Theater, about blending principles of comedy, improv, theater, and art to train sellers in using emotion to sell in person and via video.

John & I also discussed:

- What the art of theater has to do with sales

- Understanding the real sales pyramid and the mindset of the authentic self

- How to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

- Strategies for putting the human at the center of customer experience

Check out this resource we mentioned during the podcast:

- The Innovation Mindset

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