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The Customer Experience Podcast

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What You Can Expect from The Customer Experience Podcast w/ Ethan Beute


At the center of everything, at the core of your business, what is the most important metric that your business can measure? 

The customer experience.

You're, listening to the customerexperience podcast a podcast dedicated to helping today's growing businesses,restore a personal human touch throughout the customer life cycle, getready to hear how sales, marketing and customer success experts surprise anddelight and never lose sign of their customers. Humanity here is your hostEcan beaute. Welcome to the very first episode ofthe customer experience podcast. We are here today with Ethan Baute, the hostof the show. My name is Logan Liles, I'm actually one of the producers ofthis podcast and today I'll be talking to ethin about what you tha listenercan expect from the show. But before we jump straight into that, even I wouldlove for you to tell listeners a little bit about yourself. Thank you so much,I'm really excited about the show and we'll get a little bit into that, but I'm a guy that's been at bombomb forseven years. FULLTIME, two years part time we're based here in Colorado,Springs Colorado, which cancoincidentally you are to prior tojoining the team. I had background in local television, so I ran marketinginside local TP stations in grand rapids Michigan in Chicago and out herein Colorado, springs, husband and father love the fresh air and sunshinehere in Colorado. So I like to get out hike, shoot photos, and you knowpersonal passion on the side besides just general well being is, is reallyclean: air, clean water and clean soil and the consequences of those things,and I think I'm curious by nature and that's one of the things kind ofdriving my motivation to get to get to the opportunity created within Bombam.That's fantastic ethen, I'm with you man, I'm not a Colorado native, but Igot here as fast as I could as some of the bumper stickers around here SAVfrom time to time, and I can personally attest to your curiosity as a personand it's why I think you are going to be a fantastic host of this podcast andreally excited to see future interviews.

You know in what you were saying there.You mentioned your company, Bombam and they're also responsible for producingthis podcast. So I think it would be great for you to take a second andshare a little bit more about what you and the bombamb team are up to thesedays. Sure and an this podcast is not about bombomb, it's not for bombbomband we'll get into who it's really for, but but yeah we are producing it. I'mdoing this with the blessing of my team, and you know, our whole goal is to helprehumanize communication help people rehumanize their businesses, we're allbetter in person, and yet we restrict ourselves so often to faceless voice,males to plan type out text and faceless digital communication in ouremails and social in other places. So we decided to make it really reallyeasy to record and send videos primarily an email, but also in textmessages and social media to be able to track the results of those and reallyto be able to get face to face with more people more often, and so, ifyou're a salesperson. Obviously it's for future customers, prospects etcetea.If you're in customer success or customer support it's for your currentcustomers, anyone who needs help or feedback. If you are a manager, it'sfor your team members who maybe are distributed remotely, and you want tokeep that facetime and pat him on the back and give really constructivefeedback ind that subtlety and nuance that comes through, and you talk topeople that doesn't come through so well when you type it all out, it'sgreat for recruiting employees and staying in front of people who may wantto join your company, and so there's just a number of ways to use it. It'sbeen really a pleasure to be a part of this journey over the past severalyears, and our mission again is to help you get face to face with people andrehumanize your business, not just because it's more effective way to work.More replies, more responses, more clicks through your emails, HigherLeadu conversion, a greater ability to stay in touch n, all those other things,but it's also more satisfying way to work and that you can build realrelationships even when you can't be physically present with people yeah. I completely agree with you thereeven on the power of video. I've seen... in other circumstances, myself. I'veused the bombomb product to leverage video to get that face to faceinteraction when you can't be physically presdent before and I'meseen the results of that in my own interactions. So you touched on this topic ethen ofrehumanizing communication and I love how thats central and very cor to themission at Bombam. I have to be thinking that that concept was in yourmind, as you thought about this- show the customer experience podcast andyour reasons behind wanting to cover these sorts of topics, but forlisteners, could you share a little bit about your path to starting? This show sure, thanks for that question, becauseit's a really exciting thing for me again, it's just an honor that the teamis allowed me to go on this journey. I want to get at how people are creatingwinning customer experiences, and I have a feeling that, as we get intothat that the human touch, the personal touch is going to be part of that storyright, we can personalize everything. Everyone knows we can personalize stuff.That's essentially what you know smart in the next level of automation, iswhere we can insert things and trigger things. Have them be highly relevant,because if these four criteria are true, send this message or put this person atthe top of the Qeu for some kind of a touch right? So we can do that and it'sreally helpful, but there's a personal element to it to so. I want to findwhere that line is two ways I think about the big picture of the podcast.Are you know if you're a marketer and you read Sethgot- and you may havenoticed when he says if it's noticed it's marketing and I s one of thevarious ways he describes like the full consequence of marketing. If it'snoticed it's marketing and the logical walkout from there is that everyone isa marketer and marketing is everyone's responsibility. If, instead, you preferto use the language of internal branding gentleman that I was consultedin mentoard by years ago, still a personal friend, I'm sure I'll havethim on the podcast is an internal...

...randing expert. So if you get intobranding you'll get this, I the inside out style of branding, not just youknow, write some words and slap them up on the wall. But this everyone needs tolive the brand every day. If that's kind of way that you think about YourBusiness, then the same concept applies accept instead of everyone being amarket or everyone's responsible for the brand and living the brand andexuting it and having people feel that from you. And so what is the thought?What is the feeling? What are the moments that we're giving our customersthroughout their experience with us, that are making a difference that areproducing positive online reviews that are producing positive word of NATmouth that are producing ettention and referrals, and all these other thingsthat we want. So my goal is to talk with a variety of people, whetherthey're directly in customer success or customer support, whether they're insales, because that's often one of the the human parts of the start of thejourney Vhen, though everyone's researching online prior to that,whether it's marketing who's producing a lot of that stuff. That people areinteracting with ind, providing some of those allusions to and the in the firstfeelings that someone may have about your brand and your company and yourproduct in your service people all along that whole journey, I'm going tobe inviting those people on in a lot of cases. It's going to be that intangible.It's going to be software, it's going to be service, but I'm also lookingforward to having people who provide very tangible experiences on as well,and just really exploring this topic to find out what people are doing. How arethey structuring it? How are they integrating it right? I just mentionedthree functional departments of an organization that most companies have,but it goes beyond that again. If everyone's a marketer or internalbranding is everyone's job, you know. So how are we structuring that? How weorganizing around that, where a the KPIS, what are the metrics one of thebest practices? So I'm just looking forward to having a lot ofconversations. The Way I think about a podcast and finally starting a good onelike this myself, is that it's a master's degree that I couldn't getotherwise and I hope to fry that experience for myself as well as foranyone that wants anyone who wants to listen to a half dozen episodes or moreyeah. I think that's one of the great...

...benefits of being able to host apodcast is that education. That happens as you surround yourself by intelligentguests that are sharing great things. So, on that note, evhen you've alreadyalluded to this a good bit and what you were sharing there. But can you give usany indication to some of the the guests you'll be featuring on the show?Maybe some of the topics that you'll be comering in upcoming episodes? We havea gentleman who has been doing customer success in a variety of ways for awhile he's actually come into our office and presented. We know him verywell. He is specifically attuned to the power of the human face to build trust,and so I won't be a video episode per se, but I have a feeling. Video isgoing to come into play that I've reached out to to my friend Kurt who's,that internal branding expert he's been doing it for decades now, reaching outto a director or VP of customer experience at a software company thatwas acquired by Zilo, just a variety of folks again cross departmental I'm notnecessarily going to exclusively be looking for VPS, SPPs and C level,people that they will show up as well will also mix in some practitioners andagain, the goal is to just kind of get a better picture for what is aninegrated approach to customer experience successfully in two thousandand nineteen and beyond. What does that look like that's what I want to explore. I love that ethen. So if peoplelistening to this episode would like to reach out, maybe they have ideas forfuture episode topics or guess that they think would be great for you tofeature on the show. What would be the best way for them to reach out yeahthat'd be great. I'm Ethan Buwd, it's Ethan be ute on all the social networks,llindoln's, probably a great place to start. You can also email me ethen etHan at Bombomcom and like Ethan bute on all the social networks were bom Om,pretty much everywhere as well. But if you want to reach me directly, that'sthe fastest way to get it done. I love it. Thanks for sharing those ethen.Well again, we've been talking to Ethen,...

...but the new host of the customerexperience podcast and that wraps it up for this intro episode, even you'll, betaking over the reins for episode. One and beyond, as I've said before, I amvery excited about this show I think it's going to add a ton of value tolisteners. I'm really excited to see this show take off. Thank you again forbeing here today. Man Sure. Thank you so much you are listening to the customerexperience podcast, no matter your role in delivering value and servingcustomers. Youre intrusting, some of your most important and valuablemessages to faceless digital communication. You can do betterrehumonize. The experience by getting face to face through simple personalvideos, learn more and get started. Free at Bom Bomcom you've beenlistening to the customer experience podcast to ensure that you never missan episode subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player or visitBom bomcom. Thank you so much for listening until next time.

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