The Customer Experience Podcast
The Customer Experience Podcast

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What You Can Expect from The Customer Experience Podcast w/ Ethan Beute


At the center of everything, at the core of your business, what is the most important metric that your business can measure? 

The customer experience.

The single most important thing you can do today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers. Learn how sales marketing and customer success experts create internal alignment, achieved desired outcomes and exceed customer expectations in a personal and human way. This is the customer experience podcast. Here's your host, Ethan Butte. Hello and welcome to the customer experience podcast. We're here today with Ethan Butte, host of this show. My name is Jordan Alfred and I'm one of the producers of the show, and today I'll be talking to Ethan about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. Even at this point, you've recorded over a hundred and seventy five episodes and have spoken to various sales, marketing and customer success leaders about the last great differentiator of any company, the customer experience. So what can you tell us about the most important thing you and listeners have learned thus far? It has been such a... to be this deep in these conversations. My whole goal from the outset was to create more understanding across this some people will call it a revenue team, other people will call it a customer team, you know, sales, marketing, customer success. Even in a healthy culture we can get a little bit siload. So I wanted to open up this conversation for shared understanding across all these teams and functions because each of us, I came up as a marketer, each of us kind of sees the customer different way where maybe measured against the customer and the customer relationship a different way, and so how do we create this mutual understanding all in favor of the customer? And so it's been really fun to do and I'd say one of the biggest takeaways I ask every single guest the exact same question to open the conversation, and that's you know, would you please define customer experience? When I say customer experience, what does that mean to you? And it's been interesting over these episodes and I look forward to continuing to do the same is to see where all of...

...these tend to overlap. And I think we all acknowledge that there's a mechanical component to customer experience. You the touch points, in the moments, the matter and all of that, but the essence of it is how we make people feel. What is that emotional resonance that we leave with people with each interaction, whether it's with one of our people or with our website or with a physical, tangible product, or whatever the case may be. And so I think if we can keep that in mind, how we make people feel at each moment, we're going to be set up for success. Amazing, amazing. So, Ethan, how is this show different than any other podcast focused on CX? I'll be honest, they're only a couple of CX related podcasts I listen to. So I I am generalizing here a bit, but to the spirit of the question, I would say this isn't the CX architect show, this isn't the cus CX strategist show, this isn't a hardcore CX show for C expractitioners. This is an open conversation, because this is another...

...subquestion I ask as a follow up to defining customer experience. It's do you prefer this to be treated as an ethos or this overwhelming thing that everyone is responsible for, a cultural component of how we operate our entire business, or do you prefer to see it, you know, in a title or with a team, you know as another functional team, and you know I've had various answers on that. In general, though, a lot of people are leaning toward the former, and so I want everyone, no matter their seat, whether they have a cx title or not, to feel like they can have a healthy understanding and a healthy approach to customer experience, because at some level it really becomes everyone's responsibility. Absolutely here we are, you know, talking about everybody owning a rock or everybody kind of having some ownership in the company, and so I love what you're doing here and it's kind of kind of por training that. So when someone listens to the show, we are a few things that you absolutely want them to take away. I want them... understand how different people in different roles and different types of companies view the customer, understand the customer, how they work with their fellow team members across other functions within their organizations. I always reach for stories. I always try to get some tactical and practical things as well, although certainly, if you listen to I'll just make up a number fourteen or sixteen or twenty episodes, you'll find something that are highly theoretical or philosophical, but for the most part we try to keep it pretty grounded, pretty real and pretty approachable for anyone, no matter your level of experience in an organization, whether you're a frontline, say customer care manager or a Bedr or something like that, or whether you're a chief revenue officer, perhaps company founder, maybe even a president or CEO. And we want this to be for everyone to because, again, if we're all going to share some responsibility for leaving our customers at every touch point, with a positive emotional resonance, something that drives their memory and drives...

...their motivation in the future, then everyone needs to understand it from a shared in common perspective, and so we're talking to all kinds of people and the show is for all kinds of people. Awesome. So, lastly, if the audience wants to connect with you, where should they reach out to? A couple things. First, all of these episodes we put up at Bombombcom podcast. That's bomb Bombcom podcast, so in addition to going to apple podcast, spotify or wherever else you might listen and checking the show out there, you can go there and we do short write ups, we do video highlights and we of course have the full embedded audio. There too, sets a good, fun place to browse and and it maybe even take some of these conversations farther by meeting the people a little bit through video and seeing some of the links to the different things that we talked about in the conversations. As for me personally, last name is spelled bee ute, so it's ethanbu. I welcome direct connections on Linkedin and you can even email me. It's Ethan Eatchn at Bombbcom. Amazing. Well, again we've been talking to Ethan Butte,... of the customer experience podcast. Thanks so much, Ethan. Talk to you, Zume. Sounds good. One of the most impactful things you can do to improve customer experience and employee experience is to include some video messages in your daily digital communication. Explain things more clearly, convey the writ emotion and tone safe time by talking instead of typing, prevent those unnecessary meetings. There are so many benefits to using simple videos and screen recordings, and bombomb makes it easy. In email, Linkedin or slack messages from Gmail Outlook, sales force outreach or Zendesk. Learn how Bombom can help you and your team with clear communication, human connection and higher conversion. Visit Bombombcom today. Thanks for listening to the customer experience podcast. Remember, the single most important thing... can do today is to create and deliver a better experience for your customers. Continue Learning the latest strategies and tactics by subscribing right now in your favorite podcast player, or visit bombombcom slash podcasts.

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